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  1. Tommy James

    Manu Wrestling Club Spring Sign Up

    Manu WC is ready to kick-off this spring season. Attached you will see our competition calendar and sign-up information for this spring season. Here is the link to join.
  2. Tommy James

    2022-23 D3 Rankings

    ALA Gilbert Lineup Changes 190 Dalton Loyden-2nd and 4th @ D1-ALA wrestles Shadow Mountain this Wednesday 175-Bric Jobe 165-Trevor Tenney 2x placer
  3. Tommy James

    2022-23 D3 Rankings

    Thanks Jim. You’re the man. I noticed you didn’t have Luke Issak at 190. Do you know what happened to him. Also Gibson is no longer wrestling. I hope he comes back.
  4. Tommy James

    2022 Arizona Fall Wrestling Schedule

    If you are looking for a schedule of events around the state well here you go. I do have the Freakshow on there which is in Las Vegas. This is all I could gather from this site and also the forum. I also put events that have been emailed to me. I will continue to update the list as new events...
  5. Tommy James

    Fall Saturdays Warrior Schedule

    This week is Saturday’s Warrior. Check the flier for future dates this fall.
  6. Tommy James

    Saturday's Warrior Tomorrow

    Last Saturday's Warrior of the summer this week. Come on out!
  7. Tommy James

    Saturday's Warrior Tomorrow

    Saturday’s Warrior is tomorrow!
  8. Tommy James

    Saturday's Warrior Tomorrow

    Hey Wrestling Family, Tomorrow is Saturday's Warrior. Come on out and get some matches. Check the flyer for details. Strength, Coach James
  9. Tommy James

    Super 48 Dual and Individual Tournament this Saturday

    Hey everyone, Come out to our Super 48 dual and Indy tournament this Saturday. Check out the flyer for details. You can register day of as well. Coach James
  10. Tommy James

    THIS SATURDAY!! Last Spring Saturday's Warrior May 21st

    Hey Wrestling Community, This Saturday we will be having our ;last Saturday's Warrior of the spring. If you are looking to get 10 matches in the morning come on out Check out the flyer for all the details. Thank you to everyone who have come out this spring. We consistently get about 65-100...
  11. Tommy James

    Super 48 Dual Tournament!!! May 28th

    Wrestling Tournament Opportunity!!!! We are hosting the Super 48 Dual Tournament on May 28th. Check out the flyer for information and registration. Spaces are limited so sign up fast. Awards are going to be amazing!
  12. Tommy James

    Saturdays Warrior tomorrow April 23rd

    Come on out to our Saturdays Warrior at ALA GN.
  13. Tommy James

    March 26th AZ Dual State Championship

    Next week we will be hosting our first ever AZ dual state championship. We have teams from Tucson, Safford, East Valley, White Mountains, Yuma, and the Reservation coming down to compete for a dual state championship. Each team will get atleast 4 matches. This is open to all school and club...
  14. Tommy James


    Amen, what a frustrating first day for the wrestling community.
  15. Tommy James


  16. Tommy James

    March 26th-Arizona Dual State Championships-Folkstyle

    Our first tournament of the year that we will be hosting is the Arizona Dual State Championships. Check out the flyer for all the information and registration. This is for all ages. We also have a JV dual championship division. So if you have a young team come bring them out. See you March 26th!
  17. Tommy James


    Mark your calendars for our following events. THESE EVENTS ARE FOR EVERYONE IN THE STATE. Saturday's Warrior- Jamborees, 10 matches in 3 hours Manu Tournaments AZ Dual State Championships for both boys and girls high school, JH, Elementary. Get your team together and come on out. Super...
  18. Tommy James

    D III State Rankings

    Bric Jobe beats Travis Christianson in OT. 4-2. He took him down twice with a minute left in the whole match. Brandon Loyden Looked tough with a win over Ky Owens in OT at 138. He should be a top 6 guy. Terrell Kinlicheenie went to 132 and I am sure that is where he will be for the remainder...
  19. Tommy James


    RANKINGS CREATED BY LJ "THE RANKER" JAMES Full Rankings: THESE ARE THE OFFICIAL MANU AIA STATE RANKINGS. These rankings will be updated every Monday once the season starts. We will update rankings If we get news of a school or weight change from a...