2018-2019 D2 Individual rankings

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  1. AveJoe

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    At 138...
    This is my opinion and the reasons I think it should be this way. Tell me if I’m wrong but have a justification why I could be wrong. Keep it fun!
    So I got...
    1. Marcus Castillo 34-0 no questions here
    2. Nathan Smith 23-3 but in Blackford he went 145 so not sure where he will be going. Also 2 out of the 3 losses came from Marcus Castillo.
    3. Jared Lebaron 31-2 possible #2 but would like to see him face tougher competition ain’t his fault tho. He is good.
    4. Tristan Danis 23-5 faced tough competition and 3 out of the 5 losses came at 145. 2 losses at 138 was against Jarmen#1 DI and Malik Jones #1 in DIII
    5. Ashton Kaneao 23-5 4 out of 5 losses was against DI if I’m not mistaken He only has 1 loss in DII. He had the closest match with Jarmen at 5-0 which I say he got a take down but the ref didn’t see it that way. Going into the 3rd it should have been 3-2. But it wasn’t. Amazing match tho.

    Reasons why I don’t have theses guys on there. Which they all are good and hard to choose from.

    -Anthony Garcia recently loss 4 straight and has 9 losses
    -Aaron Rodriguez I heard he was going to 132
    -Jason Hill he has 6 wins by Forteit so really should be 21-6
    - Brent Ward/Alec Delafield not enough matches in 138 but time will tell

    **Nothing against anyone but this is just my opinion anyone can be in that top 5 and I think any of the guys listed in this post can have their day and win it out.
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  2. Coach P

    Coach P Well-Known Member

    Finally, some good info...thanks. I do agree with most of your comments/opinions. Delafield recently placed 3rd at the Pack (I think it was). Aaron was moved down to 132 a few days ago. Correct me if I am wrong, but Ashton has yet to place top 3 in big tournaments. Garcia placed 4th at Moon Valley. Ashton DNP at MV. Overall, good picks with solid arguments. Updated to include this info.
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  3. AveJoe

    AveJoe Member

    Ok Delfield could be up there in the top 5. If you look at some of the brackets for Moon Valley and this goes for all weight. Some of the brackets were a joke. So I just verified the 138 bracket at moon valley so yes you are correct about Ashton he didn’t place at Moon Valley. But Davies came in 2nd in his pool (5th in the tourney) and Ashton beat him in regular season 22-8. But that’s the way it goes. Nothing to blame but I take all that in consideration when coming up with my personal opinion. That’s just one example of how the seedings are messed up sometimes. Pre seeding for the tourney which I have looked at multiple times in multi tournaments are messed up that’s a whole other topic. But how does a 1-0 guy rank higher in seeding then let’s say a 18-2 record guy. Or 21-3 or so on. I don’t think that is right. Unless they were a state champion, last year Placer in the same tourney or sectional placer. But if not a 1-0 guy shouldn’t be seeded higher then a 18-2 guy just my opinion.
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  4. Coach P

    Coach P Well-Known Member

    Totally agree MV has a competitive dual tournament first and good research on the brackets. Is Millennium going to Peoria or FW?
  5. jewlsjess

    jewlsjess Well-Known Member

    Reference 132 pounds from Ironwood, J. Laboring only wrestled down because G
    Galaz was sick and couldn't wrestle. G. Galaz will be 132 and J. Laboring will be 138 the rest of the year.

    I saw that B. Tellez went down to 126 and L. Mitchell went up to 132 against Sunnyside. Does anyone know if they are going to stay that way the rest of the year or was that just for that one dual.
  6. Justinjobe

    Justinjobe New Member

  7. bayoubadger

    bayoubadger Well-Known Member

    152 - IR only loss was to QC 11-1. SS beat QC at Peoria. SS should be #1
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  8. Blake Jones

    Blake Jones New Member

    What do you know about Johnson at 170 from Cienega? Is he still injured?

  9. Blake Jones

    Blake Jones New Member

    What about Johnston at 170 from Cienega? Is he still injured?
  10. Tapia from independence should be ranked 5th at heavyweight he pinned centennial at the Peoria invite in the blood rounds.
  11. Jasiel tapia

    Jasiel tapia New Member


    1 Trevor Kauer of Campo Verde
    2 Tarik Sutkovic of Ironwood
    3 Matthew McClure of Willow Canyon
    4 Adrian Monreal of Sunnyside
    5 George Roeder of Centennial
    6 Manaia Fruean of Buena

    I beat George Roeder of Centennial during the blood rounds at the Peoria Invitational, I’m from Independence my name is Jasiel Tapia
  12. Coach P

    Coach P Well-Known Member

    Good win Jasiel...way to step up! I have updated according to recent results and input. I haven't seen or heard about Hickey or Johnson from Cienega. Anyone know if they are ok?
  13. Tbone46

    Tbone46 Member

    Hickey is healthy and will be back this Wednesday.
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  14. cougar

    cougar Well-Known Member

    Dominique Johnson was back on the mats at Flowing Wells. Took 5th. Has beaten the Mountain View kid. Hasnt had a chance to wrestle Sotelo from SS. Isaiah Webb from Cienega took 4th at Flowing Wells. Just some considerations.
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  15. AveJoe

    AveJoe Member

    Millennium went to Doc Wright this past weekend. Lots of good teams out there. After this weekend, 132lb D2 and other divisions and weights had a lot of kids competing between FW and Doc Wright. Check it out and make updates on ranking cause I feel there are a lot of kids in every Division and weight that moved around.
  16. AveJoe

    AveJoe Member

    Anyone know if Marcus Castillo is going to 132lb cause that’s where he competed at Doc Wright. Or was the move strategic. Cause the 138 Division at Doc Wright was stacked with Jarmen, Quinn moving down to 138 and a Stud from New Mexico. That won that division. New Mexico had some studs wrestling out there.
  17. jewlsjess

    jewlsjess Well-Known Member

    Marcus Castillo and Nathan Smith both moved down and wrestled 132 this weekend. If no one moves, 132 will be one of the toughest weights. There would be 3 state champs (Castillo, Smith and Rodriguez) and 1 runner up (Tellez). Then to round out the weight would be Rokop and Galaz.

    We will have to wait to see if there is any movement for sectionals. If not it will be one heck of a battle for the state title.

    TUMBLEWEED Well-Known Member

    M. Castillo only wrestled 132 at Doc Wright because his little brother was sick and he was trying to help boost the team score.
    M. Castillo will be at 138 for sectionals / state, and E. Castillo will be at 132.

    He could have been wrestling 126 or 32 all season.
    He chooses to wrestles up 2 weight classes for the challenge.
    I’m my opinion had he went down to 126 or 132 from beginning of season not many matches would have made it out of the 1st round with him.
  19. Mike Jarman

    Mike Jarman Well-Known Member

    I’m sure he was not dodging anyone. He went up in weight to wrestle Trey Escobar. Not just for a dual. He did it at state.
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  20. AveJoe

    AveJoe Member

    I didn’t mean like he was dodging anyone. Just didn’t know if it was strategic like team points as someone noted. Kid is a stud and I agree 126 and 132 would be in trouble. Even his Brother is a stud. Anyone know if Marcus committed anywhere yet? Anyways sectionals and States approaching soon can’t wait should be really interesting.

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