2019-2020 Mile High Challenge

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    The Mile High Challenge was pushed by the venue from it's original date, to the following weekend of January 3-4. Please email me if you have any questions. This year's challenge is the biggest yet and we have added 2 more out of state teams from Utah.
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    Will you guys have a jr. High Tournament this year as well?
  3. Pepe

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    What about a girls tournament? Can you send me the flyers? Thank you
  4. CVCougar

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    Will this be on Trackwrestling?
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  7. MingusCoach

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    What teams have confirmed to coming this year?
  8. CVCougar

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    1. Bradshaw Mountain
    2. Brophy
    3. Buckeye
    4. Campo Verde
    5. Camp Verde
    6. Canyon Del Oro
    7. Casteel
    8. Chandler Prep
    9. Chino Valley
    10. Cienega
    11. Combs
    12. Deer Valley
    13. Dobson
    14. Gila Ridge
    15. Hamilton
    16. Horizon
    17. Ironwood Ridge
    18. Kofa
    19. Maranatha Christian School CA
    20. Marcos De Niza
    21. Marana
    22. Mingus
    23. Mountain Pointe
    24. Mountain View-Marana
    25. North Canyon
    26. Parker
    27. Payson
    28. Prescott
    29. Rainier, OR
    30. Raymond Kellis
    31. Red Mountain
    32. Sahuarita
    33. Santa Cruz
    34. Spring Valley, NV
    35. St Johns
    36. Sunnyside
    37. Tucson
    38. Walden Grove
    39. Willow Canyon
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    Holy Moly! This is going to be awesome.
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    On behalf of my colleagues and with the enthusiastic support of many beloved Arizona fans, I would like to express our appreciation of the quality of the Mile High Tournament. It produced some titanic opportunities in matchups. With no separation of division classes, there were many marquee wrestling bouts between champions from throughout Arizona. They all brought with them different styles of technique which made everyone improve. All the guys showed high class with good sportsmanship, great respect and proper attitude while demonstrating a brotherhood type behavior throughout the Tournament.

    Sunnyside, once again proved themselves as the best program in the State. I salute them and their courage. I was equally impressed with Mountain View Marana who demonstrated advanced technique and leverage to earn take downs. In the bottom position, they exhibited quick speed and agility quickly giving them the reversals needed to place them on top. I must mention the talk of the tournament was Santa Cruz who proved that it’s not the size of the Dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the Dog. As a division IV small school they placed fourth. “Where you find success you find sacrifice”. This phrase best describes Santa Cruz and the journey to this great achievement. They have paid the price; they put blood, sweat and hard work in preparing themselves. They should be incredibly proud of themselves.

    It was an honor and a privilege to participate in this tournament. Wrestling is a journey of exploration and discovery. Quality wrestling that this tournament brings, helps reap many benefits for other wrestlers. Their reward is to do battle with another dedicated young champion, pushing each other to even greater heights.

    Thank you Coach Foster for inviting us to what I consider the toughest tournament in the state of Arizona and my compliments for your efforts.

    Thank you
    Coach Mario Chagolla
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  11. CVCougar

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    Thanks Coach Chagolla, that's a big compliment coming from a great coach. It really has grown into a great tournament. The JH side is growing too (hence the delay to the finals) so we are moving it to the HS next year so that we can focus on the HS boys and girls tournaments. We really do appreciate all of the great teams, coaches and wrestlers who showed up. The staff at the event center said that it was the best group of athletes that they host. They really appreciated how respectful our wrestling family was.
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    Every year it just keeps getting better. The Mile high Challenge is truly the best individual tournament in Az. It has everything athletes, parents, and fans want: great facilities, ample seating, organization and timeliness ( the junior high tourney issue is already being addressed). To top it off, event organizers at this tourney (coach foster and others) maintain utmost approachability and candor. I hope to continue to bring our team for years to come.
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    I am a relatively new parent to HS wrestling and have had the great privilege of having my kid wrestle at Mile High the past 2 years and echo the sentiments above. I especially enjoy interacting with other wrestling parents from different schools and different areas of the State and find them so gracious, accepting and have helped me understand the sport. THANKS ALL!!!!

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