2020 Weekend Wars

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    Many coaches are already calling about this year’s Weekend Wars dates so they can schedule them in to their calendars. These are the 2020 dates : April 4th and 18th, May 2nd, 16th and 30th, June 13th and 27th, July11th and 25th, August 8th and 22nd.

    Place: Mingus Union High School 1801 E Fir St, Cottonwood, AZ 86326

    Wrestling starts at 8AM

    There are still no entry fee charges. Everything is free.

    2. Wrestlers in 1st grade thru 12th grade are permitted to participate.

    3. USA Wrestling cards are mandatory.

    4. An additional signed waiver and release of liability is still required. (see attached)

    5. Singlet’s and head gear are optional.

    6. Three one minute periods of Folkstyle.

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    Several kids came up to me at Sectionals to thank me for making Weekend Wars available to them. They said that it was because of Weekend Wars mat time that they were able to take the top spot on the podium. I want to thank them publicly for their words of appreciation. It meant a lot to me too know that our efforts made a difference.

    Many years ago a burden was placed in my heart, to reach the youth at risk, to reach the lost and to reach those preparing for adulthood. And so I utilize wrestling as a platform to reach and teach young men and women. Everyday, I go to wrestling practice to make a difference in someone’s life. To try to help them from making all the same mistakes others before them have made. To recognize and appreciate all the gifts, talents and abilities they have been blessed with. That someday they will have to give an account of all the things they accomplished with those gifts, as to how much of those gifts were used for their own personal gain and how much of it was used to help others as a way to pay forward. That they are in charge of their own destiny by the choices they make. That they are their own worst enemy because inside of them they have two dogs fighting. One is good and the other evil. I teach them that the one they feed the most will determine their destiny.

    All are welcomed and invited to participate at Weekend Wars. So come on up and join in on the fun.
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    Many coaches and dads have been asking so here it is.
    1. No, there are no official weigh-ins. It is based on the honor system.
    2. This is just mat time, so you only wrestle against those you choose. No medals will be given.
    3. Yes the $15 USA Folkstyle card will be suffice for participation.
    4. No you cannot wear your school singlets as this would be a violation of AIA regulations
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    What benefit is there for kids to drive up to Cottonwood? This is the place for quality mat time during the off season. Weekend Wars attracts many serious contenders from throughout Arizona and from out of state. Anybody that’s a serious wrestler practices and participates in off-season mat-time as preparation for the Winter season. Each wrestler who attends is given the opportunity to wrestle up to ten matches. This is a big draw for other teams statewide, as well as teams from out of state, who face the same dilemma, which is the lack of wrestling competition. 14 simultaneous matches of nonstop grappling takes place and by the end of the day there is an abundance of mat burns, a few bloody noses, but a wealth of wrestling experience for each athlete that makes the trip to Mingus High School.

    Many kids perform hours of practice throughout the week in preparation to attend “Weekend Wars” tournaments. Their reward is to do battle with another dedicated young champion, pushing each other to even greater heights. Kids that wish to move up another level in their wrestling skills, attend Weekend Wars. Just ask the 20 state placers who were standing on the podium this year. Many of them thanked me for opening our doors to them and attributed their success to their state championship placement because of Weekend Wars. I guarantee before the day is over, if you wrestled against the best, they will have helped you expose the weaknesses you must work on. Many coaches and parents come together to create a motivational environment most conducive to the wrestlers success. We measure and motivate them; and so they leave here highly inspired with an attitude to excel.

    Wrestlers who do not participate in our Weekend Wars, lose valuable mat time, opportunities for growth and miss out coming together with individuals from various styles of wrestling quality levels. All of this free of charge! All we want is mat time for all kids. I highly recommend it to anyone that wishes to move up another level in their wrestling skills. Doors open at 7:00AM. Folkstyle Wrestling starts at 8:00 AM (three one minute periods) and usually finishes by noon never later. We would like parents and coaches to ensure that all your kids sign a waiver (see attached). You must bring a waiver every week. For those of you who have been asking how they can help support these weekend wars, I could really use help with refereeing and a case of water bottles. Once again thanks to all the Coaches and Parents who support this function. Many kids thanked us for putting on Weekend Wars for them. Many kids are benefiting from all our collaborative efforts as a brotherhood.

    Wrestlers- Three one minute periods of Folkstyle competition. Kindergarten thru high school. Tons of kids show up in every weight class. No lifting in the air. All wrestlers should bring their own white athletic tape and wrestling shoes. (singlet’s and head gear are optional) You must sign the attached release form. Please don’t be late as this only holds up everything.

    Just a reminder, please have your wrestlers bring their own, white tape, nose plugs, band aids and med kit. I cannot afford to supply all of Arizona's medical needs. Contrary to rumors circulating. I did not receive a "Stimulus" package to provide everyone with medical care.

    If you are using Map Quest, use Mingus Union High School 1801 E Fir St, Cottonwood, AZ 86326 as your destination.

    Thank you Coach Chagolla

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    As details of Novel Coronavirus (now called COVID-19) continue to evolve, we want to assure all those we serve that the health, safety and well-being of our student athletes is our top priority. Our staff is in communication with state agencies including the Department of Education and the Department of Health and we will continue to receive guidance regarding the safety of student athletes and fans. If and when conditions change or we are provided additional information and guidance, we will share updates. Because we are dealing with high school students, many involved in close-contact sports, we understand the interest and concerns.

    Given the current situation and what we know at this moment, there have been no changes to Weekend Wars at our school activities. This guidance may change if conditions change or more information is made available. You can be kept up to date at https://arizona-wrestling.com/forums/threads/2020-weekend-wars.16228/#post-23576

    We do strongly encourage all participants and fans to follow the prevention guidelines distributed by the Centers for Disease Control. Beyond CDC guidelines, we encourage our student athletes and coaches to double up on hand washing and sanitizing, and practice sound food safety guidelines and refrain from sharing water bottles and food items. Athletes should also resist sharing equipment and clothing. And while we value the grit and determination that sports teaches us, any athlete who is feeling ill should consult with a medical professional prior to participation.

    That being said, The attached waiver is the only one that will be accepted at Weekend Wars. Please note Waiver B revision.

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    We are sorry to inform you, with direction from the National Office and our school, we will be cancelling all Weekend Wars through April 4th. We may have to alter the remaining schedule as the nation makes changes, as new updates on the situation come in daily.
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    We are sorry to inform you, with direction from the National Office and our school, we will be cancelling all Weekend Wars through April 11th. We may have to alter the remaining schedule as the nation makes changes, as new updates on the situation come in daily.

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