6th annual Veterans Memorial Invitational in Window Rock

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    The VMI looks great again but as every year comes up, there are changes with the team lineup. Most of these teams have confirmed and I took out the teams that won't return. We would like to get a couple more teams and we will cap off at 36 for the boys. The tournament will be on Dec 20-21, 2019.
    If you're interested, your team gets 10 duals and your girls can wrestle in our girls VMI (Dec 20). The middle school/jr. high will wrestle on Dec 19. Three male and three female wrestlers will also get Outstanding Wrestler fight shorts. Boys teams will be awarded 1st-4th team trophies and one OW team. Girls teams will be awarded 1st and 2nd, with an OW team as well.
    The food is good, the teams are competitive, the shirts are original and our facility is state-of-the-art. Sleep in our events center to save $ on lodging. Email me at: Mhillis@wrschool.net for a flyer.
    • Window Rock
    • Blue Ridge
    • Hopi
    • Holbrook​
    • Tohono O'Odham
    • Winslow
    • Round Valley
    • Ganado
    • Many Farms
    • Mohave
    • Chinle
    • San Carlos
    • Pinon
    • Monument Valley
    • Page
    • Red Mesa
    • Pebble Hills (TX)
    • American Leadership Academy - QC
    • Tuba City
    • Miami
    • Globe
    • Miyamura (NM)
    • Gallup (NM) (Gallup NM)
    • Newcomb (NM)
    • Farmington (NM) (Farmington NM)
    • Moriarty (NM)
    • Los Alamos (NM)
    • Wingate (NM)
    • Kirtland Central NM
    • Eastwood (TX) (El Paso TX)
    • Eastlake (El Paso, TX)
    • Montwood (TX) (El Paso TX)
    • Bloomfield (NM) (Bloomfield NM)
    • Chaparral (Parker CO)
    • Logan (UT)
    • Shiprock (NM)
    • Del Valle (TX)
    • Casteel- Girls team only
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    Although the boys teams are full (top list was updated today), we can take girls teams. Casteel is the only girls' team not accompanying a boys team.
    Kirtland Central
    Pebble Hills TX
    Montwood TX
    Eastlake TX
    Other teams will have girls but probably not a full team line up: WR, TC, MV, Pinon, Page, Wingate NM, Gallup NM, TO, and Chinle will also have girls wrestling for them.
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  3. Hillis

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    The Veterans Memorial Invitational will kick off this Friday morning, Dec 20th.
    The Girls teams will almost match the boys with the added teams of River Valley and Casteel. This lends to possibly 38 teams represented in an individually bracketed tournament.
    The Boys will have 10 duels each and here are the pools. Right now we don't plan to have on Track....unless some miracle worker comes through. We're going to run with this and make it our best yet. We'll have it all...tees, Fight shorts for OW's Shute....etc.

    Chaparrel CO
    Window Rock
    ALA-Queen Creek
    Newcomb NM
    Tohono O'odham

    Farmington NM
    Blue Ridge
    Eastlake TX
    San Carlos

    Bloomfield NM
    Wingate NM
    Montwood TX
    Red Mesa

    Round Valley
    Pebble Hills TX
    Kirtland Central NM

    Eastwood TX
    Gallup NM
    Monument Valley AZ
    Shiprock NM

    Moriarty NM
    Del Valle TX
    Miyamura NM
    Many Farms
    Tuba City

    We've come a long way from the 14 teams participating just 5 years ago. Thanks to Camp Verde and Mt. Pointe's former coaching staff who helped us launch this with their participation and look at where we are today! My former staff and assistant coaches, Dan Racey and Ramsey Davidson for their coolness under fire for those first few tournaments. I'd also like to thank the following programs for their past participation in our event: Pecos NM, Monument Valley UT, Rancho NV, Flagstaff, Kingman, Northland Prep, Odyssey Inst, Chandler Prep, Baboquivari, Perry, Sunnyside, Prescott, Mingus, Valley-Sanders, Catalina, Ironwood, Tolleson, Pinon, Aztec NM, and Sierra Linda. Every one of these teams counted for our past success. I also appreciate GREATLY, the efforts of our Window Rock Wrestling Association parents who helped with not only providing a beloved wrestler but also the fine spread available to coaches in the hospitality room.
    LET'S DO THIS!!!!
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  4. Hillis

    Hillis Well-Known Member

    There are two openings for the boys team. Let me if interested asap.
  5. Hillis

    Hillis Well-Known Member

    Sorry for not posting this sooner. Here are the results:
    • 1st Place - Chaparrel CO -A
    • 2nd Place - Farmington NM
    • 3rd Place - Miyamura NM
    • 4th Place - Bloomfield NM
    • 5th Place - Kirtland Central NM
    • 6th Place - Monument Valley AZ
    • 7th Place - Eastwood
    • 8th Place - Winslow
    • 9th Place - Pebble Hills TX
    • 10th Place - Eastlake TX
    • 11th Place - Page
    • 12th Place - Miami
    • 13th Place - Montwood TX
    • 14th Place - Mohave
    • 15th Place - Moriarty NM
    • 16th Place - Round Valley
    • 17th Place - Blue Ridge
    • 18th Place - Newcomb NM
    • 19th Place - Del Valle TX (Team Sportsmanship Award)
    • 20th Place - Globe
    • 21st Place - Window Rock
    • 22nd Place - Ganado
    • 23rd Place - Gallup NM
    • 24th Place - American Leadership Academy- QC
    • 25th Place - Shiprock NM
    • 26th Place - Chaparrel CO -B
    • 27th Place - Tuba City
    • 28th Place - Red Mesa
    • 29th Place - Greyhills
    • 30th Place - Wingate NM
    • 31st Place - Hopi
    • 32nd Place - San Carlos
    • 33th Place - Many Farms

    Montwood TX 126
    Miyamura NM 88.5
    Pebble Hills TX 86
    Monument Valley 65.5
    Eastlake TX 53.5
    Moriarty NM 51.5
    Wingate NM 48.5
    Page 45
    Mohave 42
    Winslow 32.5
    Casteel 32 (Team Sportsmanship Award)
    Ganado 29
    Gallup NM 25
    Eastlake TX 23
    Chaparrel CO 21
    San Carlos 20
    Kirtland Cental NM 19
    Blue Ridge 19
    Newcomb NM 17.5
    Tuba City 17
    Chinle 10
    Miami 9
    Farmington NM 4
    Many Farms 1.5
    Window Rock 0
    Hopi 0
    Globe 0
    Red Mesa 0
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