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Discussion in 'Wrestling Talk - HS' started by FamousLie, Dec 14, 2017.

  1. FamousLie

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    This is something I don't understand. According to the AIA there are 203 schools that have wrestling, but I think they're counting a few that might not like Metro Tech. This is the strange part though. Division I has only 39 schools in it according to the realignment, but Division II has 44, Division III has 60 and Division IV has 61. Why isn't this balanced out?

    Also another problem is that they are sticking to the 4 sections per division rule, but some of the sections are huge. I get that not every school brings a full lineup, especially the smaller schools, but D3 Section 2 has 19 teams listed. If every school enters a kid into one weight class they can't get through that in a day, and the AIA made a big deal about making sure the sectional tournaments didn't run into 2 day affairs.

    I don't understand why they can't just take the top 50 for D I, next 50 for D2, and so on. 50 in a division is still pretty good, that means you might end up with a few sections that had 13 schools in them, but that isn't anything. Then again some of the things the AIA does don't make sense anyway.
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    I wonder if it is because as you get into the smaller divisions, they at times have a hard time fielding a full team, which is too bad because the kids that those teams bring - Camp Verde, St Johns, Morenci, etc, are freaking tough and solid and can beat the singlet off anyone. So numbers-wise (how many total kids), 39 schools in Div 1 equals 61 schools in Div 4. Not sure if thats why, just a thought.
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    any chance we will ever have a "true state tournament"? A tournament that pits division champs against champs of other divisions--
  4. East Valley

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    I know in all divisions there are schools without a full team. Not sure what goes into that process?
  5. Bighead

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    It’s simply based on school population. For a little while they tried doing it in other sports based on performance and it was an absolute disaster so they’ve gone back to basing it solely on student population.

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