Best AZ Guys You Have Ever Wrestled... Win or Lose

Discussion in 'Wrestling Talk - HS' started by BDBlue, May 24, 2019.

  1. BDBlue

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    I had saw a similar thread on another wrestling forum site and I thought it'd be interesting to see some of the answers here. It doesn't matter if you beat them or they beat you, but lets share some old war stories!
  2. FamousLie

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    I got my A** kicked by Shawn Blankenship from Moon Valley my sophomore year. If I remember correctly it was 18-1. He was a returning state champion, won it as a freshman I think, and didn't really look that tough. I remember thinking I could get in and finish on the legs easily and odds are he probably just let me get in, and it felt like I'd run into a brick wall. He shut that down real fast.
  3. Coach P

    Coach P Well-Known Member

    I cut down to 125 to wrestle a kid named Nori (I think that was his first name) Yamamoto (transfer from Japan)....what the heck was I thinking. It still kinda hurts....I was 23 - 0 at the time. 23 - 1 after. I remember Coach Bravo asking me if I was sure I wanted to cut down. Either way, it was a great experience for or lose, gotta love this sport.
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  4. AZ_wrestlinFan#1

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    Nori “Kid” Yamamoto was a stud! 3 timer from MDN. He passed away last year of cancer.
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  5. Coach P

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