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  1. BDBlue

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    I know AZ isn't really looked at as a wrestling powerhouse state, however we do have great wrestling families from AZ. A few that come to mind are the Larkin's and Cejudo's. Both Larkin Brothers were great, I think they have 6 or 7 state titles a piece, not to mention the older Larkin's Collegiate and International Careers and Coaching Career, plus they have quiet a few cousins that were very good and Eric's kids aren't too shabby either. The Cejudo's were great as well! Very tough some of the best to come out of AZ, 8 state championships between the two of them (please correct me if I'm wrong) and great international careers. Another one I think many over look would be the Garza's. All 4 were state champions and had great freestyle and greco careers.

    Any others?
  2. Coach P

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    Good one...great wrestling families you mentioned. The Bravo's are up there as well.....Coach Mike Bravo, Gavino Bravo (1994), Willie Bravo (RIP), Tuffy Bravo, Diego Bravo, Roro (RBY)....Moreno family as well, Richie, Steven, Mickey, Chris Moreno.
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    Yes the Bravo Clan is also a good wrestling family! Two of the Moreno's are state champs, plus Richard was a runner-Up so they were tough too!

    The Gallick's, Nate and Nick were multiple time state champs and the oldest brother Aaron was a state champs I believe!

    The Villascusa's were tough too!
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    All good ones, for certain. The family that comes to mind for me are the Cotas from Sunnnyside and I don't think I even know all of them. There was Fabian, Fred, Fernando, and Fausto (and I think one more) - not sure I got the order correct except the last two. Not sure where they all placed except Fausto was a 2 or 3 timer for sure. Fred's boys all did well with Chris winning a state title and Tony being a runner-up (I think). I am not sure where John placed. Maybe BDBlue or someone else can help with the details on the older brothers' placings.

    Salazar brothers from St. Johns also come to mind but that is reaching back. Fitzingers from Sunnyside and Mt. View were tough and had some State Champs among them. And how could one forget the McMinn family from Apache Junction, dad and the three boys????? And I am sure there are others out there.

    Good stuff, makes me think back a ways and unfortunately, that covers a lot of years :(
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  5. FamousLie

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    I thought Chris Cota won state 2x for Desert View, he was sort of at the tail end of Antionotti's coaching I think. I remember him and Barfuss were part of a pretty stacked lightweight group they had around then.
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    The Chagolla’s from Peoria!
  7. blackbaby

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    How can you forget the Deberry's 8 championships, the Finch family 7, the Andrews family 11, and I'm sure there's other families that all of a sudden everyone forgot about. We must remember all state champions are not just from Tucson and PHoenix.

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