Best HS Wrestler in AZ 2019??

Discussion in 'Wrestling Talk - HS' started by Toughontop, Feb 12, 2019.

  1. Toughontop

    Toughontop Member

    Select based on talent, power wins, and record.
  2. chingon76

    chingon76 Well-Known Member

  3. 0517wrestle

    0517wrestle Member

    Only wish they would of announced this earlier for the Senior class wrestlers who are committed to college visits, and other commitments tournament wise and educational! You need everyone in that weight class to make it a true Champion. Know few wrestlers who have educational commitments to fulfill. It is all about wrestling unless it is education.

    Can not say it is a true Champion Unless everyone is there.
  4. Coachdoerr

    Coachdoerr Well-Known Member

    What about Guerrero from WG
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  5. jewlsjess

    jewlsjess Well-Known Member

    Both of those wrestlers are great but its hard to go against M. Castillo.
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  6. chingon76

    chingon76 Well-Known Member

    Guerrero is definitely one of the top wrestlers this year!
  7. Richard Lopez

    Richard Lopez Member

    Guerrero, Finch, Andrews, Castillo, Echemendia, A, Martinez, D. Fernandez.
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  8. ThisGuy75

    ThisGuy75 Sup?

    Marcus Castillo. Hands down.
  9. Toughontop

    Toughontop Member

    Echemendia is the best wrestler in AZ, beat Fernandez, and Andrews. Have a feeling he will have a phenomenal freestyle season, most explosive wrestler I have ever seen on an AZ Mat.
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  10. Yuma boy

    Yuma boy Member

    you can be real explosive when you wrestle kids that are half your age
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  11. chingon76

    chingon76 Well-Known Member

  12. AveJoe

    AveJoe Member

    This is a tough question and really is everyone’s own opinion. You could debate this question for weeks. But you have to look at competition they have faced not only in AZ but out of state in big time tournaments. M. Castillo is a great wrestler and could be the best wrestler in AZ. But he didn’t face any great compition this year. No one that will be going D1 that’s for sure. Nothing against him just need justification with competition. Could have been solidified if he stayed at 138 for Doc Wright and faced Quin and Jarmen. Which would have been a great match.
    But I’d have to say Ybarra, Tellez, or Guerrero have my vote. But I really like Tellez not only because he beat Ybarra in states but he also won Freak Show which is one of the biggest tournaments nation wide. And I like his decision to go down and face the best at the time Ybarra. I don’t know if that was planned or the reason he dropped but that takes some guts. But I also wish he stayed at 132lb to see him face Castillo now that would have been nice. But no one knew Castillo was dropping either.
    But there’s a lot of questions that need to be answered before solidifying this answer. Let’s just make a 4 man tourney Ybarra, Guerrero, Tellez, and Castillo winner takes all. Sorry so long!!!
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  13. az_wrestler

    az_wrestler Well-Known Member

    just because they don't wrestle in the AIA doesn't mean they aren't "the best" in AZ--
    Valiant College Preparatory

    I'm sure these guys would be in the best category...Larkin, Alanis, Ramos, ex Cibola kid who was AA (sorry cant remember his name)...just saying, they would ruin your AIA State Tournament at whos best.
  14. homerdindon

    homerdindon Well-Known Member

    I have no dog in this fight, but all of those guys lose to Ybarra, Guerrero, Tellez and Castillo 9 times out of 10. Don't know who the Cibola guy you're talking about is, only ex-Cibola AA that I know is Gandara who is at Poway.
  15. AveJoe

    AveJoe Member

    If they are around the same weight as Ybarra, Tellez, Guerrero, or Castillo 126-132 or even if they are 138 I’d take my chances with the guys I listed over all the guys you listed. Again just my opinion. What’s their first names so I can check out track to see who you are talking about. And I’ll give you a better answer.
  16. AveJoe

    AveJoe Member

    I have done my research and these guys have serious credentials. Ramos is a beast. And I’m sure all would shake up the state placers. I seen A few wins over state placers actually in dominate fashion. We could possibly see some matches this off season where these guys do meet up. Our questions could be answered. Time will tell.
  17. notmyown

    notmyown New Member

    Exactly !!!!!
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  18. Richard Lopez

    Richard Lopez Member

    Maybe Valiant should wrestle at Peoria, Flowing Wells or Mike High. They can if they want to.

    Not taking anything away from Valiant but they’re not attending these tournaments for a reason.
  19. ThisGuy75

    ThisGuy75 Sup?

    Very solid points, Tellez did win Freak Show, I’m not sure if it was at Varsity or Elite? Huge difference! Other thing is Castillo, Tellez and Guerrero all train together under Coach Vega with Tucson Cyclones. It was probably known that M. Castillo was dropping to 134 so adjustments could be made. Now with that happening makes Castillo the man! Tellez was very impressive at state, but I’d have to say top dog in AZ is Marcus Castillo this year.
  20. DC55

    DC55 Active Member

    Palosika of Mountain Pointe at 220. Not sure Deasey or Padwe will be able to stay at 220 next year

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