Best wrestler from every school?

Discussion in 'Wrestling Talk - HS' started by FamousLie, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. FamousLie

    FamousLie Well-Known Member

    I know it's the offseason and we're all bored, but I wanted to see if we could come up with a list for the best single wrestler from every school. Based on high school achievements only. I'll go with a few and see if there's any that can be disputed or whatever. Just to have fun. There's gonna be some easier ones than others.

    Horizon: Quint Swanberg, 3x state champion, junior national All American.

    Shadow Mountain: Tyson Rondeau, 3x state champion, Senior Nationals champion

    Maryvale: Angel Cejudo, 4x state champ (only 1 loss), multiple time cadet/junior national champion.

    Chandler: Dalton Brady, 4x state champion

    Santa Rita: Shawn Charles, 3x state champion

    McClintock: Ken McClelland, 2x state champion

    Payson: Nate Lee, 4x state champion

    Deer Valley: Jacob Swift, 4x state champion

    Salpointe: Nick Frost, 4x state champion

    Chaparral: Joey Heckel, 3x state champion

    South Mountain: Danny Felix, 2x state champion

    Globe: Chet Huelskamp, 2x state champion

    Miami: Ted Rico Sr., 4x state champion

    Saguaro: Brad Selby, 2x state champion

    Marcos de Niza: Nori Yamamoto, 3x state champion

    Peoria: Sammy Chagolla, 4x state champion

    Corona del Sol: Luke Macchiaroli, 3x state champion

    Desert Mountain: Shane McGough, 3x state champion, junior nationals all american

    Mogollon: Banning Stephens, 3x state champion

    Show Low: Ricky Ryan, 4x state champion

    Blue Ridge: Adam Henderson, 3x state champion

    Feel Free to add.....
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  2. cougar

    cougar Well-Known Member

    Sahuaro: Eddie Torrejon 2X state champ and AZ first National Champ (DII)
    Sabino: Jason Gardner 2X state champ
    Marana: Clay Hardt 2X state champ
    Palo Verde: Brian Snow state champ
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  3. FamousLie

    FamousLie Well-Known Member

    Thanks for adding that. Those are schools I would know nothing about.
  4. FamousLie

    FamousLie Well-Known Member

    Seton Catholic: Quentin Hovis, 3x state champion in AZ, 1x in CA

    Notre Dame: Brock Loknikar: 1x runner up, western regionals placer

    Phoenix Christian: Ben Smith, 2x state champion

    Antelope: Aaron Simpson, 4x state champion

    Yuma: John Hurtado, 3x state champion

    Kofa: Cain Velasquez, 2x state champion, 1x runner up

    Ironwood Ridge: Danny Vega, 3x state champion

    Morenci: Waldo Gutierrez, 4x state champion, undefeated in high school

    Hayden: Lino Estrada, 3x state champion

    Apache Junction: Wayne McMinn, 4x state champion

    Dobson: Tim Croff, 2x state champion, 1x runner up, Senior Nationals champion

    Independence: Diego Bencomo, 3x state champion

    Prescott: Daniel Hernandez, 3x state champion

    Washington: Garric Simmons, 2x state champion, Senior nationals all american

    Mountain Pointe: Cliff Starks, 2x state champion

    Thunderbird: Jacob Graham, 3x state champion

    Maricopa: Adrian Fierro, 3x state champion, 1x runner up

    Walden Grove: Diego Guerrero, 4x state champion

    Santa Cruz: Mike Guerrero, 3x state champion

    St. Johns: Ryder Neilsen, 4x state champion

    Mingus: Luke Goettl, 4x state champion

    Brophy: Tadeo Ruelas, 1x state champion, 3x placer

    Central: Luis Madrigal, 2x state champion
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  5. AZ_wrestlinFan#1

    AZ_wrestlinFan#1 Well-Known Member

    Cibola: Tommy Mommer 3X State Champ.
    Rio Rico: Gordo Villaescusa 4X State Champ. 3X NAIA AA
    Marana Mountain View: Marcus Castillo 3X State Champ. Fargo AA
    Mesa HS: Anthony Robles 2X State Champ.
    Catalina Foothills: Aaron Gallick. State Champ.
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  6. cougar

    cougar Well-Known Member

    So...the big question...who gets the nod at Sunnyside?

    Urbano, Bravo-Young, Larkin, Thommy Ortiz, both the DeBerrys, the Gallicks, I do you pick just one?
  7. FamousLie

    FamousLie Well-Known Member

    Based on HS only I'd have to say RBY. Dominant from day 1, 4x champion. Gallick, DeBerry and others all actually lost in high school. RBY didn't take a single loss or even really come close in his 4 years. If somebody has the records I'm sure he had bonus points at least 80% of the time. That might even be a low estimate.
  8. blackbaby

    blackbaby Active Member

    Talking about no respect are you really leaving Safford off this list with 3x4 state champions 5 3x state champions and about 10 2x state champions wow!
  9. FamousLie

    FamousLie Well-Known Member

    Safford is hard to choose from. They've had a lot of great wrestlers. Ryak Finch only was a 3x state champion, and then you've got little Andrews who was a 4x champion and had a win over Dalton Brady, and even just this year Dawon Andrews who was a cadet national champion and 4x state champion too. Like Sunnyside, hard to pick just one.
  10. BDBlue

    BDBlue Well-Known Member

    This is a tough one as wrestling has changed a ton and the level of competition has changed as well in the state. I can honestly say that at the time of Gallick, Lopez, Both De Berry's wrestling was better and we were tougher in state! I know some will argue this, however, RBY would NOT ha ve beaten Gallick had they wrestled in high school. Think about it, Gallick beat Little Cejudo decidedly in High School multiple times, and I don't believe RBY would have beaten Henry. IDK, maybe he would have beaten them both maybe he wouldn't have, we can only speculate... which is always fun to do.

    Matt Lopez should be on this list as one of the all time greats from Sunnyside. Plus you can't leave off Moreno (2x at Sahuarita, 2x at SS).

    I think this is a tough school to try and come up with just one. There are so many that didn't win it four times that could be up here too! Like Vega, Coronado, Tellez, W.Bravo, T. Bravo, R. Young (RBY's Father), Daza, Sallas, Bizzle, etc.
  11. BDBlue

    BDBlue Well-Known Member

    Safford is definitely a hard one also! I think to be left off the lists above (SS and Saff) is a huge compliment! NO ONE WANTS TO OPEN THAT PANDORA BOX! Lol... I think from safford the nod would have to go to Gaethje, The boy was tough as nails to beat in HS. Strong and Athletic, never say die style and attitude! I truly believe he would have to be the best from that school, with Finch and all the Andrews' close behind!
  12. FamousLie

    FamousLie Well-Known Member

    I thought of him, but the shellacking Hancock put on him in the state finals made me think twice. I watched that match both in person and on TV. Oh the days when Cox 7 broadcast sports and we had to listen to GT and John Carlson banter back and forth the whole time. If that match had been even remotely competitive I'd agree with you. I'll give him a pass the year before because he got stuck by a senior who he had beaten 3x that season already, including twice by pin if I'm not mistaken, and I could very well be. Gaethje beats that guy 8 out of 10 at least. The match in the finals the next year showed little doubt who the better wrestler was. I can't recall Finch or Andrews nearly getting tech falled in the finals of any tournament. I don't remember how many losses Finch had, but I know one was to a guy from Winslow, but other than that I'm drawing a blank.
  13. FamousLie

    FamousLie Well-Known Member

    When you say Gallick I think of Nate, not Nick. I think Nate was actually better than Nick, he just wasn't able to break the lineup as a freshman because he had a 2x state champ in front of him and then barely lost to Arazia as a sophomore at state. Pretty much his only blemish after that was getting disqualified at Flowing Wells his senior year and randomly getting pinned by a guy from Cibola (I think?). Other than that nobody really came close to him in AZ. He also placed 4th at probably the deepest bracket at senior nationals that ever existed. Joe Dubuque, Nick Simmons, Rick LaForge (NJ champion), Travis Lee, Shawn Bunch, Tom Clum, Jacob Palomino (3x CA champion). If you're able to wrestle with that level of talent and more than hold your own, you're pretty damn good.
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  14. ThePoniesAz

    ThePoniesAz Member

    At least 7 NCAA Championships and 20 NCAA All-American finishes in that senior nationals bracket
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  15. BDBlue

    BDBlue Well-Known Member

    You both just further my point ThePoniesAz and FamousLie. Nate was very tough, Larkin had many in his senior bracket as well, Food for thought, Larkin Won HS Senior Nationals and Double Gold in Fargo in both Greco and Freestyle his senior year. Legend has it he wasn't even going to wrestle Greco and then decided to wrestle it the day before! BEAST!

    And even then, lets not forget Romego Young or Urbano
  16. Hillis

    Hillis Well-Known Member

    Window Rock- Reggie James, 2x state champ and four-time placer OR Terry Weaver, 2x state shamp (both wrestled in college)
    Valley (Sanders)- Nelbert Joe, 3x state champ
    Holbrook- Ernie Gishey, 3x state champ
    Page- "Cujo" Yazzie, 3x state champ
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  17. Coachdoerr

    Coachdoerr Well-Known Member

    Yuma high Hurtado was 2x not three. Yuma high Ernesto Moreno 2x champ 1x runner-up and 4th his Freshman year.
  18. FamousLie

    FamousLie Well-Known Member

    It's hard to imagine Larkin was *ONLY* a 2x state champion. I can't remember who he lost to though, was it Trujillo or am I thinking of his brother or somebody else? In those days NHSCA senior nationals was the big tournament besides Fargo. Now it's watered down and there's about a million other nationals.
  19. FamousLie

    FamousLie Well-Known Member

    Reggie James was one of the biggest 135 lb wrestlers I've ever seen. I remember thinking how the heck does he make weight? He was a great wrestler.
  20. cougar

    cougar Well-Known Member

    Didn't Larkin lose to Frost in the state finals his sophomore year, Frost's frosh year? I think I remember Larkin beating Frost in a dual and then at FW, and then losing to him at state. Not sure though.

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