Best Wrestlers to not win a state title

Discussion in 'Wrestling Talk - HS' started by TucGrappler, Jan 21, 2019.

  1. TucGrappler

    TucGrappler Member

    What are some names that come to mind?
  2. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    Isiah McReynolds, Camp Verde. ( 3X runner up I believe )
  3. Mike Jarman

    Mike Jarman Well-Known Member

  4. wjd

    wjd Well-Known Member

    Brady Brown - Highland. Set D1 state record for takedowns his senior year. Lost on stalling call in the semi's (Good ole Charlie ran over from 2 mats over to make a call and over rule the ref on the mat where the match was going on.)
  5. ThisGuy75

    ThisGuy75 Sup?

    Trey Escobar won state his sophomore year.
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  6. David Shuler

    David Shuler Member

    Josh Vigh, 4th-2015, 3rd-2016, 2nd-2017,2018. Biased being Desert Edge I know, but he was always in the running.
  7. Coachdoerr

    Coachdoerr Well-Known Member

    Alan Felix from Kofa 2x runner -up I believe back in 2007 and 2008 and I think he placed his sophomore year too
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    SPRAWL Well-Known Member

    Saul Payan-Diaz from Amphi-3 time runner up.
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  9. Hillis

    Hillis Well-Known Member

    I thought of my old teammate, Duane Harvey from WRock, class of '88. Tough as nails his jr year but was hampered by injury his senior year. Another old teammate was from Valley HS, Reggie Joe. His only loss was to Ray Burt of Joe City back in '87. The WRock also had Jacob Keah-Tigh in '08, state runner-up to Blue Ridge, only guy he struggled against all year. There was a guy from Chinle in the mid 90's, I can't remember his name. He was a 130 or 135 pounder and I read about him in the papers a lot. I believe he took 3rd at state.
    Of the guys I coached, Hosteen Smith of Salt River. Kept at it and took 6th in '11. Is now wrestling JUCO in KS. I also had a stud here at the WRock, Carnelius Nez in '17. Fought his way out of jv as a sophmore and was runner-up and 5th placer for the Scouts.
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  10. Mike Jarman

    Mike Jarman Well-Known Member

    Got it
  11. BKramer

    BKramer Active Member

    So this goes waaayyy back... but I believe Paul Clark from San Manuel was a three time runner-up but a heck of a wrestler. Early 1980's.

    The other wrestler who comes to mind but I can't seem to remember his name was a lightweight (112 lbs) from Salpointe. Awesome wrestler - quick snappy hands in the tie up. I believe he lost twice in the finals to Eric Larkin but could be wrong on that. I think he could have, and would have, won it at another weight. Someone help me on the name!
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  12. homerdindon

    homerdindon Well-Known Member

    Clint Bassett, and while there have been plenty of tough wrestlers to not win state, I think it would be hard to go against as the best to never win it. 3rd as a freshman. 2nd as a sophomore, losing only to Larry Trujillo who beat Eric Larkin that tournament as well. 2nd as a junior losing to Evan Larkin in the finals, who he had beaten earlier in the year. 2nd as a senior losing to the late David Rivera from Sunnyside, who he also had defeated earlier in the year. Placed top 6 at Reno twice back when it was the premier tournament in the country.
  13. arizonalove

    arizonalove Member

    Saul Payan-diaz
    Josh Vigh
    Curtis Stevenson
    Bridger Barker
    Eric Mikelson
    Rafael Paredes
  14. SPRAWL

    SPRAWL Well-Known Member

    2015-Runner up to 3 time State Champ Brandon Konecny
    2016-Runner up to 3 time State Champ Adam Henderson
    2017-Runner up to 4 time State Champ Jackson Allen
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  15. BKramer

    BKramer Active Member

    Thanks for the name homerdindon - I couldn't retrieve Clint's name from the recess of my feeble brain. He was an awesome wrestler and fun to watch - just couldn't seem to catch the right breaks at the right time.

    Not unlike Payan-Diaz - fabulous wrestler as well. That is about a toss-up in my book and those losses for Saul in the finals are to some of the best the state has seen in the past 10 years. What a crappy draw for him - Konecny, Henderson, and then Allen? Jeez....
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  16. Kota2017

    Kota2017 New Member

    Dakota richardson page hwt (2x state runner up)
    Jaisen brown show low 220 ( 3x runner up)
    Willie Wyatt 195 show low ( 2x runner up I believe)
  17. TucGrappler

    TucGrappler Member

    I feel like a lot of sunnyside wrestlers could be up there as well as some of the best to never win a state title. Ricky Villegas Hwt comes to mind. He took 3rd at state. But his senior campaign was a rather dominate one. In the finals every tournament that year.
  18. TucGrappler

    TucGrappler Member

    Isaac Camarillo and Luis Nunez of cibola. Tough as nails both wrestlers. Believe they never won it.
  19. Coachdoerr

    Coachdoerr Well-Known Member

    Luis did win a state title
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  20. Chorizo52

    Chorizo52 New Member

    2X runner-up Joey Ortiz of Peoria 99 and Sunrise Mountain 2000 was tough as nails. Kid wrestled with an attitude and was nasty on his feet.
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