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Discussion in 'Anything Wrestling Related' started by BDBlue, Mar 5, 2020.

  1. BDBlue

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    So I know what happened with the Big De Berry, but do we know what his plans are or if he will get back to coaching soon? My understanding, from a very reliable source, is that he is preparing for a major comeback very soon... Not sure if that means we will see him coach or wrestle or what, that part was vague, but still sure would be nice to see him helping out again!

    Mistakes are mistakes, say what you will, the man can wrestle and coach! In his very short coaching career he helped that DE team move from 40-something to 12, and after a 5 year hiatus from competing Greco he took 5th at Senior Nationals.


    I for one would like to see him again, it has been far too long and I think he has an opportunity to really learn from his mistakes and use them for the better to help kids!
  2. Michael

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    Considering what he pled guilty to, would he be able to coach youth sports? I agree with you, great wrestler, great coach. But, I think just the nature of the charge may prevent him from ever being able to coach youth sports again.
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  3. homerdindon

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    I love the entire Deberry family, but I have to agree with Michael on this one. I don't think there is any way an educational institution or existing club could hire him due to what happened. Maybe he could start his own club or something, I'm not sure how that works, but he is a good kid who obviously made a mistake and has a lot of wrestling knowledge to offer.
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  4. BDBlue

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    I was looking up the charge... Yeah it doesn't look great! However, based on the charge, it actually goes to a misdemeanor if he applies for it to, which I'm sure he will. I actually think he could come back, if he wants to. I think if he starts the work, he could do it!
  5. Jim ima

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    Can someone inform me on what happened?
  6. NEC1972

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    The stigma from this still looms at Desert Edge.

    This is from AZ Central"A former Goodyear high-school wrestling coach accused of sending sexual text messages to a student pleaded guilty to a single count of child abuse in a Monday morning court hearing in downtown Phoenix.

    Kyle Deberry pleaded guilty to a charge of child abuse with sexual intent. Deberry's previous charge was luring a minor for sexual exploitation.

    Deberry, 25, who worked at Desert Edge High School, was accused of sending sexually explicit text messages to a 16-year-old female student in April 2013. According to court documents, Deberry asked the female to send him pictures of herself and propositioned her to have sex.

    The victim also reported that during the last week of school in 2013 Deberry kissed her on the lips and lightly bit her neck saying, "You know you want it," when she pushed him away, according to court documents.

    Police records also indicate that Deberry was subject to allegations that he was involved in inappropriate relationships with two other students in 2012 and 2013, both of which included messaging over electronic devices.

    Deberry's sentencing hearing is set for July 8. In court Monday, the state prosecutor mentioned the state will be pursuing jail time as punishment"

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