Biggest Comebacks At State

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  1. FamousLie

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    I was reading the biggest upset thread and started thinking about a couple of near misses that might have been upsets if not for a comeback or two. Or that came close.

    Matt Foose vs Andy Charlie, Foose runs up a big lead but gets caught in a cradle and almost pinned but eventually gets the winner in OT for the 5A title.

    Derek Felton vs Ty Johnson, Johnson puts Felton to his back right away and almost pins him, and holds a huge lead before Felton makes his comeback and gets a fall with 15 seconds left.

    Mike Gillmore vs Daniel Stern, for some reason this one sticks out at me, it was a quarterfinal match but Stern made a big comeback to tie it and then got the fall in OT.

    Josh Kramer vs James Zuckerman, Zuck runs out to a huge lead and looks in control until he hits a wall in the 3rd period, Kramer ties it and wins a state championship in OT.

    Alfredo Calzadillas vs Jacob Reyes, kind of a weird match but Calzadillas seemed like he might tech him and was up by at least 10 before Reyes came back to beat him. In the semifinals too.

    I'm sure there's more and probably some I forgot.
  2. acestallion

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    Zuckerman was up 8-0 and I believe Ty was up 8-0 or 11-0 on Felton I can't remember. The Felton match was very interesting as it seems that Ty just completely gassed and Felton just started imposing his will. I remember Felton looking up at the clock at one point just to see where the time was at. I never see a wrestler so composed when down that much, and just the way he came back was amazing; and truly speaks to what a great wrestling talent he was.
  3. BDBlue

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    How about Michael Moreno of SS vs. Kofa in 2007? Moreno is going for his 4th State title his Senior year (2x a@ Sahuarita, 2 @ SS) gets put on his back, nearly pinned if not actually pinned but ref out of position, down by 5 or 7, and comes back the rest of the match to win by 2 I believe.
  4. Hillis

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    I think Moreno should have been pinned. I saw that one.
    Andy Jay (Mesa) vs J. Farnsworth (Mesa Mt View) for Div I team title...Andy was down 8-1 and fought back for a decision and Mesa's state title.
  5. Toughontop

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    1999 3A State Tournament 112lbs. Gordo Villaescusa Rio Rico down 6-5 against National level Anthony Garcia Coolidge with seconds left scores the take down to win semis. Then in the finals down 8-1 against Denstry Finch of Camp Verde in the first period comes back to win in overtime 13-9. One thing about Gordo was that he was clutch when it mattered most and had the gas tank. Saw this type of performance throughout his HS and College career.

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