Does anyone else think its ridiculous there is a bye at state???

Discussion in 'Wrestling Talk - HS' started by cougar, Feb 10, 2020.

  1. cougar

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    DII 113 pound weight class has a bye. This is due to the fact that one section only had 3 kids in that particular weight class. I think this is terrible. It diminishes our state tournament even more. Why can't we find a kid from one of the other sections with the next best record and throw them in there? Come AIA. This is ridiculous. And, by the way, this is nothing against that section or any school. Some schools have a hard time filling rosters. It is what it is. But there are ways to fix this other than just throwing a bye in there and possibly excluding a kid that should be in the state tournament.
  2. acestallion

    acestallion Well-Known Member

    I remember a few years ago, when each division had 3 sections and they took the top 5 wrestlers for each section. Then the last or 16th wrestler into the state tournament was a wild card chosen from 1 of the 3 sections. Perhaps, there should be some language in the AIA bylaws that state, a wildcard would be chosen to fill out the bracket if needed.
  3. jfingd

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    It's a little sad... D II, Sec IV came close to the same situation--they had 4 heavyweights total, out of the 9 schools in that division. So all 4 qualified. barely made it with a full bracket there.

    A lot of schools forfeit heavyweight--but at 113 it's hard to understand why they can't fill that weight class, out of the 9 schools in that section, they can't fill up a 4 man bracket.

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