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Discussion in 'Wrestling Talk - HS' started by BDBlue, Apr 13, 2018.

  1. BDBlue

    BDBlue Well-Known Member

    If you could put together your Dream Line-Up and school or year did not matter.... Who would you put?

    Lets go with the new weight classes to be safe.
  2. Coach P

    Coach P Well-Known Member

    Probably going to get schooled on this one but from recent years (last 15 or so) let's have some fun...
    106 H Cejudo
    113 D Vega
    119 N Gallick
    125 R Torres
    133 RBY

    I know there are a few others but going to be hard to top these first 5....
  3. Coach P

    Coach P Well-Known Member

    Guess my picks are pretty good...LOL....let's try some more..
    138 E Larkin (although he was lighter in HS)
    145 Big Deberry/D Andrews
    152 E Urbano
    160 Q Hovis
    HWT T Mommer/C Velasquez
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  4. cougar

    cougar Well-Known Member

    I'm going to add my heavyweight from Sahuaro Kyle Jividen in there as a possibility. Two timer that was 76-0 junior and senior year. Although Cain and Mommer are super studs as well.
  5. cougar

    cougar Well-Known Member

    Clay Hardt from Marana class of '99 for 182 maybe? And I would think Nick Frost would have to be in there somewhere as well.
  6. homerdindon

    homerdindon Well-Known Member

    Really hard to do this without having a set "Graduated no earlier than xxxx", but good topic
  7. Coach P

    Coach P Well-Known Member

    This is getting good...please add.

    106 H Cejudo
    113 D Vega
    119 N Gallick
    125 R Torres
    133 RBY
    138 E Larkin (although he was lighter in HS) or G Villaescusa
    145 Big Deberry/D Andrews
    152 E Urbano
    160 Q Hovis
    170 J Swift or W Guiterrez
    HWT T Mommer/C Velasquez
  8. CoachYates_AZ

    CoachYates_AZ Active Member

    Wayne McMinn! 118-0 has to get you in there, right?
  9. chingon76

    chingon76 Well-Known Member

    angel and henry cejudo and frankie saenz and johnny moraga and palencia and cain valasquez, danny vega, rby oh and cant forget
    ryan allred and one of the greats from CV and webmaster of this site Aaron Hancock
  10. homerdindon

    homerdindon Well-Known Member

    I'll get my disclaimers out of the way here...1) I'm not old enough to speak to anyone before Simpson/Faqir. Even their timeframe is pushing it, but the upper weights weren't the easiest to fill out. 2) Obviously bumping a few people up a weight, for the sake of getting what I think the best guys are in the hypothetical lineup. 3) Just basing on high school success, since that's what the topic is. 4) Don't put much stock in inflated records with no national success. 5) Obviously had to leave some studs out, especially in the lower weights.

    106 - Henry Cejudo (Maryvale)
    113 - Ryak Finch (Safford)
    120 - Danny Vega (Ironwood Ridge)
    126 - Brandon Courtney (Desert Edge)
    132 - RBY (Sunnyside)
    138 - Angel Cejudo (Maryvale)
    145 - Eric Larkin (Sunnyside)
    152 - Quentin Hovis (Seton Catholic)
    160 - Nick Frost (Salpointe Catholic)
    170 - Aaron Simpson (Antelope)
    182 - Quint Swanberg (Horizon)
    195 - Danny Faqir (Apache Junction)
    220 - Garrett Ryan (Horizon)
    HWT - Cain Velasquez (Kofa)
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  11. swingsingle

    swingsingle Well-Known Member

    The top three heavyweight of all time in AZ are
    1. Curly Culp - Yuma Hs - NCAA Champion
    2. Cain Velasquez- Kofa HS - two time NCAA All - American
    3. Tim Croff - Dobson HS - 4 time state placer - 2 time state champion
    1995 NHSCA senior national champion.

  12. blackbaby

    blackbaby Active Member

    Just a question were all your selections 4 time state champions , for example Danny Vega, do you really think he was better than Brady and Andrews at the same weight class.
  13. Coach P

    Coach P Well-Known Member

    D Vega was AZ first triple crown winner at that weight....so yes, he was better than Brady and Andrews at that weight.
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  14. Coachdoerr

    Coachdoerr Well-Known Member

    Can’t forget his brother Rob
  15. FamousLie

    FamousLie Well-Known Member

    106- Henry Cejudo Maryvale
    113- Tyson Rondeau Shadow Mountain
    120- Nate Gallick Sunnyside
    126- Nori Yamamoto Marcos de Niza
    132- Mike Peters Dobson
    140- RC LaHaye Payson
    145- Aaron Hancock Camp Verde
    152- Nick Frost Salpointe
    160- Clay Hardt Marana
    170- Tanner Linsacum Thunderbird
    182- Aaron Simpson Antelope
    195- Quint Swanberg Horizon
    220- Ellery Tarazon Tempe
    285- Cain Velasquez Kofa
  16. Coach P

    Coach P Well-Known Member

    Great list Famouslie....Based on HS only, I would have to say D Vega over Rondeau at 113, Courtney = Yamamoto (so close here), and can't put anyone from AZ over RBY at 132. A Cejudo over LaHaye at 140.....Also, can't put Hardt over Hovis at 160. He was #1 in the country.
  17. FamousLie

    FamousLie Well-Known Member

    Coach P,

    I tried to spread it out and pick guys from different schools, otherwise arguably half this list could just be Sunnyside. I think Rondeau would have been just as successful as Vega had there been as many different tournaments back then. He won senior nationals when that was the big tournament to win for high school and like Vega missed being a 4x champ due to something off the mat. Also I think as far as pure folkstyle RC was better than Angel. It would have been a good match to see though, I think it would have been a lot like watching RC wrestle Vickers from Mingus who was extremely tough and had a motor like nobody else. RC had to really be ready to go to beat him. I also thought Hovis finished up in CA at 152. Even though Hardt wasn't the most technical wrestler who existed he was definitely one of the better athletes who wrestled, he put a bad whooping on Linsacum in the state finals as a senior. You might be right with RBY at 132, but I think Peters was really good and he was a high school All American too. I almost picked Croff at heavyweight, but I think Cain was a better all around athlete with as many big school state championships. 220 there were a lot of guys it could have been, Simmons was good, but I went with who finished highest at senior nationals that I can remember. This is a case where a "B" lineup could almost be as good as the original. In fact here's my "B" lineup.

    106- Nick Gallick Sunnyside
    113- Ryak Finch Safford
    120- Dalton Brady Chandler
    126- Angel Cejudo Maryvale
    132- Roman Bravo Young Sunnyside (had to break the rule)
    140- Luke Goettl Mingus
    145- Quinten Hovis Seton Catholic
    152- Alex Pavlenko Marcos de Niza
    160- Ryan Becerra Highland
    171- Nate Lee Payson
    182- Diego Bencomo Independence
    195- Luke Macchiaroli Corona del Sol
    220- Garric Simmons Washington
    285- Tim Croff Dobson
  18. Coach P

    Coach P Well-Known Member

    Gotta give SS its credit....put AZ on the wrestling map for a reason. (and no, I didn't go there...lol) wow, totally forgot about Lee from Payson at 171....makes me think that Waldo Gutierrez of Morenci has be in there somewhere. Even Geajhe (sp) could make the B line up. I think you are right about Hovis at 152, but he would be better than Hardt at 160. And Gallick did beat H Cejudo at 103 so I would have to agree (but barely) with Gallick over Cejudo. And although i still like Vega over Rondeau at 113...my old coach (Bravo) would literally use Rondeau's name as how to properly use a cow catcher....Would Simmons beat Mommer from Cibola at 220?
  19. Dad3wrestlers

    Dad3wrestlers hard work, pays off

    Probably crazy but Adam Henderson out of Blue Ridge was a 3 timer (at least) went from 152# to 182# in a summer and didn't miss a beat, lost 2 matches from Sophomore to Senior. Anyway, just loved watching that kid wrestle (at state while watching my D4 kid).

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