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  1. swingsingle

    swingsingle Well-Known Member

    Did he beat any of the guys ranked above him?
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  2. CVCougar

    CVCougar Well-Known Member

    These rankings don't mean a whole lot. I had a kid who was 15-0 by collecting forfeits and was ranked in the top 5 for a while. They are handy for tournament directors when trying to seed, but I think everyone in the wrestling community recognizes that Robert White is not a #3. I would argue that he is in the top 5 for P4P regardless of weight class. My top 5 are
    1. Jesse Ybarra
    2. Keller Rock
    3. Alfonso Martinez
    4. Robert White
    5. Davien Guanajuato, Zach Espalin, Chris Lopez are all pretty even.
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  3. swingsingle

    swingsingle Well-Known Member

    White is really good but Chavez from Eloy who is a two time state champion and a Virginia Beach All-American is really good too. I would also give Chavez the nod for a much harder schedule wrestled this year.
  4. NEC1972

    NEC1972 Member

    Chavez had a great year, but after seeing both him and White, the edge goes to White, in my opinion. Only had 1 match go into the 2nd and that was because he bumped up to 220 for team points. Other than that one, he only had 2 go over a minute. I would love to see Stevenson from Liberty go against White. Stevenson beat top-ranked wrestlers while at The Clash, Peoria champ (where he beat Chavez) and State Champ.
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  5. Dad3wrestlers

    Dad3wrestlers hard work, pays off

    I know Stevenson ref's and wrestles freestyle, they both show up we get to see it. I hope it happens, love these Saturdays watching kids get better!
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  6. chingon76

    chingon76 Well-Known Member

    How is espalin #2 and brown #1at 120? Espalin dismantled brown at flowing wells.
  7. jfingd

    jfingd Well-Known Member

    If you look at the percentage, depicting the rank--he's 99.4% #1 & #2 are both tied at 99.5%

    Very close.
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  8. jfingd

    jfingd Well-Known Member

    Medical forfeit over Stevenson from Liberty--Rankwrestler doesn't count that as a weighted win though. Would have put him over the top.
  9. swingsingle

    swingsingle Well-Known Member

    Yes that would have been the true state championship match for pound for pound 182 if Stevenson could have wrestled White at Flowing Wells. Unfortunately Stevenson got injured in his semi-final match against Beltran. He medical forfeited the finals because his knee has stiffened up over the intermission from the injury and it was very painful for him to plant on it. It would have been an awesome match to watch.

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