Flowing Wells Seeding?

Discussion in 'Tournaments' started by whenndoubtchokemout, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. whenndoubtchokemout

    whenndoubtchokemout "when in doubt, chokem out"

    SEEDS are out! If your going to go by criteria (which doesn’t make any sense how FW does it), then BE CONSISTENT! Don’t seed a wrestler high just because he beat a state champion who is not even wrestling at the tournament and he only has 6 wins.
  2. chingon76

    chingon76 Active Member

    Gamez at 160?
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  3. wm201617

    wm201617 Member

    According to track he is seeded 3 at 162.

    These are autoseeds only at this point. There could be some minor changes. Also a lot of these wrestlers have matches tonight which might need to be accounted for at final seeding meeting by coaches
  4. chingon76

    chingon76 Active Member

    who would you say should have that seeding spot? Based on your closeness to QCreek... do you feel Niko Manuel should be seeded higher than Gamez? It does seem odd
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  5. East Valley

    East Valley Active Member

    Where are the seeds???
  6. MatMaid

    MatMaid New Member

    Brackets are on *****
  7. bayoubadger

    bayoubadger Active Member

    Trackwrestling. pull up the tournament. go to information tab. click autoseeds.
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  8. chingon76

    chingon76 Active Member

    rhymes with crackwrestling dot com
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  9. bayoubadger

    bayoubadger Active Member

    Look at 197 for instance. Number two seed has more wins and a better winning percentage than the number one seed. It is not until you get to the 4th Seeding Criteria that seed one is better than seed two. Some criteria must be weighted different than others. Ultimately, I do not think it will make much difference. I just think they should actually follow the criteria.
  10. chingon76

    chingon76 Active Member

    well manuel should be ranked higher... he was a state runner up.
  11. chingon76

    chingon76 Active Member


    Has had 5 match(es) towards Record: Yes /No
    Record winning percentage:
    Record wins:
    Flowing Wells Invitational Place in 2017:
    State Place in 2017:
    Other Tournament Placings in 2017-18 Season:
    Other Wrestler Info:
  12. az_wrestler

    az_wrestler Member

    at 115 where is Rose from saguaro?
  13. whenndoubtchokemout

    whenndoubtchokemout "when in doubt, chokem out"

    Based on Nik being a runner up at state last year, more wins, and better competition/tournaments and top 3 placements at tournaments, he should be higher. However; if we are going to solely go on winning percentage then others lower than Nik should be ranked ahead of him. I saw other brackets that have wrestlers with ZERO losses and more than 5 matches and they are not even seeded. All I am saying is if FW seeding committee is going to go go by the criteria then be CONSISTENT! Don’t pick and choose..take nothing from Gamez, he is a good wrestler. At this point, it’s a battle and at the end the BEST wrestlers will stand, no matter where they were seeded.
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  14. Admin

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    I took off the censoring of trackwrestling, I started to feel it was hurting the forum rather than helping. You can now use it the words trackwrestling freely.
  15. bayoubadger

    bayoubadger Active Member

    Just had a conversation last night with a coach. There was a seeding meeting on Tuesday Night where coaches could go and argue. The Trackwrestling criteria was just used as a starting point.
  16. cougar

    cougar Active Member

    One of the things I really appreciate about the Flowing Wells seeding meeting is the ability to go in and argue a case for your kid. There were many cases where, because of an athletes strength of schedule, they were determined to be the higher seed wrestler. Two losses at Reno are more significant than two losses at some multi. I wish we could do this at the state level. The other thing we saw was, because of discourse and discussion, inaccurate records and criteria. Which also changed things. Some coaches not posting matches or not posting them correctly.
  17. chingon76

    chingon76 Active Member

    I'm glad flowing wells keeps that open discussion! That makes sense! I've seen coaches not put losses in a kids record because "we didn't know who he lost to". That is complete bull S&*# and it was the coach's son. Way to teach honor and sportsmanship...
    This was around 4 years ago... but I'm still bitter :)

    What's crazy is the AIA officials even had the coach admit it and didn't correct the bracket accordingly... ugh.
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  18. matman

    matman New Member

    Alright, who’s winning what classes tomorrow at FW...
  19. JMP2808

    JMP2808 New Member

    No one wanted to see this kid on their side of the bracket, therefore the high seeding. Hell he won his two matches with a concussion before his dad pulled him.
  20. AZ_wrestlinFan#1

    AZ_wrestlinFan#1 Active Member

    Heard he’s ineligible.
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