Girls Wrestling State Champ/Runner Up trophies sponsored by Page HS

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  1. The AIA is not recognizing a team champion or runner-up this year for the girls, so I am going to have these plaques made up and award them to the top two teams on behalf of Page Wrestling. These are just rough designs at the moment. The three shades of gray represent different depths, where the star will be deepest and the light gray rays the shallowest. I am assuming that I will be able to look at Trackwrestling and see the team scores. Is there any reason that that wouldn't be possible?

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    I am pretty sure that the team scores will all show 0. They would have to have the setting turned on that calculates the team score, and I don't think they will. You could always do the math and calculate it yourself, but it would be a pain in the butt. I saw a coach get dinged a team point at sectionals and had to laugh because they weren't keeping team score.
  3. Gotcha. Some others were saying the same over on FB. I think I will just do a medal count. 10 for 1st , 8 for 2nd.....etc
    That's funny about the team point :)
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    I think that is great! Any support they can get is a good thing.
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    it is discouraging to see refs, coaches, and even the AIA treat girls wrestling as a sideshow or as less impactful to young people. These girls work hard. They commit the time and effort. It should be respected and rewarded a space that varsity sports deserve.
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