Higley, Goldwater, Cactus Shadows, Horizon Quad

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    Higley 52, Cactus Shadows 15
    Higley 41, Horizon 31
    Higley 47, Goldwater 15

    Key match ups:
    152 David Goodman Higley Fall vs Young of Horizon
    160 Munoz Cactus Shadows Fall vs Guzman of Higley (very exciting match, lots of back and forth and back points on both sides)
    182 Mason Hulme Higley Dec vs Allsup of Horizon (Hulme's only 2 losses of the season were at 195 to opponents from UT and NM)
    195 Atticus Lee Higley Dec vs Garrett Christiansen of Horizon (Lee also had 2 major decisions over Ortega of Globe last weekend in Coolidge Lions Club tournament)
    285 Jackson Solomon Higley Fall vs Reyes of Goldwater
    285 Masella Horizon Dec vs Solomon Higley (Solomon's first loss of the season)
    285 Masella Horizon Dec vs Reyes of Goldwater
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    Track Wrestling shows 152 for horizon was Tanner Michael--Not Alex Young.

    Anyone know what's going on with Young? Didn't wrestle at Peoria either.
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    Muniz over Guzman. Close match.
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