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Discussion in 'Wrestling Talk - HS' started by BDBlue, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. BDBlue

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    With most schools already beginning these last two weeks.... what do our transfers look like? Has there been any surprising developments and moves in the state? I know that with the new prior contact rules movement is limited but it is still possible.

    I saw that SS picked up a new coach from Puerto Rico (possible pipeline forming)... Lets Talk!!!

    Any word from around the state?
  2. Tbone46

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  3. Tbone46

    Tbone46 Member

    I heard Gilbert Rodriguez transferred to Marana Mt. View.
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  4. BDBlue

    BDBlue Well-Known Member

    Any other transfers?
  5. BDBlue

    BDBlue Well-Known Member

    I find it interesting that when someone brings up transfers between schools every clams up tighter than the lid on a pickle jar... I must have touched a nerve with the SS Faithful in the other threads I have participated in when I said that there Boy Wonder isn't the best to ever come out of the school, or maybe it was when I challenged the newcomers eligibility and age (PS- clearly the whole country in the world of US Interscholastic Wrestling found it odd enough to question at the biggest tournament in the world for our youth, but what do I know).

    Regardless, I still find it all very interesting that one only person man enough to state or even converse about any transfers to different schools is Tbone46. Its all going to come out come October/November, and if the individual is good enough and the coach is worth anything at coaching it won't matter if anyone knows if someone has transferred or not a head of October/November.
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  6. Chris Haefner

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    Last year we had a kid enrolled in our district alternative school (but his home school was ours) wrestle for Valley Vista then graduate with us.

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