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Discussion in 'Wrestling Talk - HS' started by Jackie Rios, Nov 30, 2019.

  1. Jackie Rios

    Jackie Rios New Member

    I just moved to Phoenix from Idaho I’m looking to get involved in the wrestling program around the Phoenix area. I am a retired wrestling mom I still stay very involved in my sons old high school program back home even from afar. Would love to work some tournaments or even high school duals. I have several years of experience running track wrestling as well. If anyone could possibly point me in the direction of somebody that could get me going on this I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
  2. JB Doubles

    JB Doubles Well-Known Member


    Welcome to Arizona - I bet your happy your not in the snow right now :) ... Whereabouts are you located at? I can better assist you with a location near you.

    Awesome that you still wish to be involved in our sport.
  3. Jackie Rios

    Jackie Rios New Member

    Hi, thanks for responding. I’m in Phoenix (West) I think? Lol and yes I’m glad I’m not in the snow right now! I don’t mind doing a little traveling I’m actually heading over in a couple of weeks to help out with the Veterans Memorial invitational. Missing my first wrestling season back home in 20 years so just trying to put myself to good use.
  4. JB Doubles

    JB Doubles Well-Known Member

    Jackie, if you are closer to Downtown PHX here are a few schools among other's around the entire valley. - Hope this helps, Also having Track Wrestling knowledge is always a huge PLUS.
    1. Brophy (Private Catholic School)
    2. Horizon
    3. Central High
    4. Barry Gold Water
    East Valley (Gilbert/Mesa/Chandler)
    1. Casteel
    2. Chandler
    3. Mesa
    4. Mesa Mountain View
    5. Red Mtn
    Ahwatukee/ Tempe Area
    1. Desert Vista
    2. Marco De Niza
    3. Tempe
    4. Corona Del Sol
    Glendale Area (West Side)
    1. Liberty
    2. Peoria
    3. Moon Valley
    4. Kellis
  5. Jackie Rios

    Jackie Rios New Member

    Thanks for the info! I appreciate it.
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  6. Hawestriker

    Hawestriker Member

    We can always use experienced volunteers at Horizon! Let me know if you’re still on the market and if our school is close enough to make sense. Email me at chawes@pvschools.net
  7. CVCougar

    CVCougar Well-Known Member

    If you are wanting your wrestling fix this weekend, come on up to Prescott for the best tournament in AZ. We are hosting a 40 team tournament on Jan 3-4 and could always use good volunteers. Email me if you are interested. afoster@chinovalleyschools.com

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