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    Dawon’s performance his FRESHMAN year at flowing wells speaks for itself.

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    Just curious about the Nevada wrestler, doesn't show up as a state Champ on Trackwrestling. 3rd place finisher 2015-16,
    runner up 2016-17 , no results for 2017-18 yet and doesn't show as an All-American on NHSCA.com???
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    That was two years ago and he hasn't replicated beating that level of competition this year. Cibola left Flowing wells. I don't blame the wrestler for his schedule but it seems as he's not even the best 152 in the state as Aaron Gandara is also in his weight.
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    Don’t be disrespectful Skip Bayless!
    Come back with a valid argument. Opinions don’t count.

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    Even though I feel you were being sarcastic I want to say thanks for your mentioning of my boy C-bass Mordecai.

    Over the years he has had some good success, including free style and Greco (JR high, high school, school boy and cadet, never wrestled junior level) with victories over some state champs like, Miles Nusel, EJ Galvez, Dawon Andrews, Pedro Madina, Brock Doolen, Jeremiah Hollen, John Dwyer, Jimmy Diets, Vincent Dolce, Chad Porter, Franky Renteria, Jackson Allen.

    Sorry if I missed anyone.. LoL

    He is a 9 time USA all American, one time USA national champ, rocky Mtn national champ, NHSCA all American. He has victories at this level over nationally top ranked opponents.

    Anyone who has been around him long enough knows that he was a bit off this season, especially after the first of the year.

    As if taking 2 years off did not put him in a big enough hole he was diagnosed with a life altering disease 2 weeks into the new year.

    Not trying to make any excuses, he placed where he should have at state this year.

    Could he have done better without his illness / meds? We will never know. I am just proud that he gave it another shot. And he chose to do it on his own.

    Thanks to everyone for all the support over the years.

    Best wishes to those who don’t like me.

    And thank you to The Sport for helping mold my boys into young men I am proud of.
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    I meant no offense and he is a great wrestler. I will take down my post because it could be taken wrong. MY only point was there are great wrestlers who accomplish a lot but winning state especially multiple times has to be the starting point for any P#P list.
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    It has been a pleasure having C-Bass around again. After all he has went through he has got to be one of the toughest kids I know. Having him in the room helped Matt out a lot. I will miss you guys. Good luck in all that you do.

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    I second what Josh said. It was great seeing Sebastian this year. Seabass and Hayden have had some great matches over the years, and it's great to see them greet each other. There's a mutual respect that can only be shared between two that have beat the tar out of eachother.
    We've been in this sport for quite awhile and this list has always kind of bugged me. I guess the list doesn't bother me, but the discussion on why someone should or shouldn't be on it. Could someone really say that a kid shouldn't be on the list and not be offensive?? Besides, there really is no way of making a list like this and ever proving who should or shouldn't be on it. It's the equivalence of saying my dad is tougher than your dad. As a parent of two outstanding young men, "who happen to be pretty good wrestlers," I find it offensive that we feel we can throw their names around like they are fighting dogs. For heaven's sake, let them enjoy their accomplishments of this season and for those that didn't reach their goals, give them time to lick their wounds/mourn their losses. Over 20 years ago, I took a picture of my nephew at the top of a podium. Much later, when I showed my kids the picture, they pointed out the disappointed look on the 2nd place guy, as well as the some of the others. At that young age, they learned that although there's great amount of joy in winning, there's someone else that has a matched amount of disappointed. Those kids on or off of your list might have gone through injuries, family issues and who knows what else, but they were there. To all of the kids that competed, CONGRATULATIONS!! A weekend on the wrestling mat is always a great weekend. I'm sure there are those that will strongly disagree with me, and might even feel obligated to run me down on this forum. I would prefer that you didn't. And if you feel super obligated, then just approach me at the next tournament and we can discuss it over breakfast. I might even buy!
    Mike Finch
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    Sebastian and bailey have been wrestling each other for about 10 years, and were on team arizona together back in 8th grade. They even stayed in touch when he moved. Sebastian is a great wrestler and i wish him all the best beating this obstacle in front of him
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    All wrestling members I first like to say hello. I like to maybe introduce you to Safford wrestling.We are a school of about 800 to 900 students, and 99.9 percent of our wrestlers are born and raised in Safford. We don't get 4 or 5 wrestlers moving in at one time, in a single season.Something that all the members should know is that we go to almost all the major tournaments , Red Mountain, Perry, Mountain View, And Flowing Wells.As you can see we don't run from anyone. Many times as most coaches know coaches move kids away from your best wrestlers so they will have a chance to win, so don't put a wrestler down by saying he haven't wrestle anyone. Wrestlers from Safford go to national tournaments and do well as most people that really know about Safford wrestlers.It seems like on azwrestler regardless of our success we aren't as good as other wrestlers because we didn't wrestle them. Before you rank a wrestler you should know more about them. If you look at Finch and Andrews , for example, you will find that they have beat people that your trying to rank ahead of them. Having one successful year doesn't put you in the running for p4p wrestler. A little history on Dawon Andrews, 4 time state champion in middle school, 3 time state champion in high school. Mckay Finch 2nd twice middle school, 3 times state champion in high school, and last he didn't run from the nations number 1 wrestler at Flowing Wells. Our kids just love competition. Members just know your facts.
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    Dawon would be #2 on my list only behind Roman Bravo. Very skilled, very accomplished wrestler, not to mention his Greco and
    Freestyle achievements. Totally agree with your comment "Having one successful year doesn't put you in the running for p4p wrestler."
  13. blackbaby

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    march 3rd state qualifier who won the 160 lb class out of rock, torres, gandara, and andrews .
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    Man, 160 was stacked! very cool to see d3 teams so represented! Andrews killed it!
    1. Andrews
    2. Rock
    3. Gandara
    Time to prep for Nationals!
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    145 didn't suck either, both were fun to watch. Love freestyle!
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    Junior 132 was no joke either, with Bartlett making an appearance. His match with Castillo and Gandara vs. Andrews were matches of the day. You could hear pin drops for both matches and everyone in the gym was watching both matches, and I mean everyone. Also Guerrero vs. Hornbuckle was good, and props to Borneman for the tournament he wrestled. Overall, it was a good tournament this year, glad to see all the wrestlers that came out this year and represented.
  17. Dad3wrestlers

    Dad3wrestlers hard work, pays off

    I would agree, Gandara v Andrews was super close and yes the place was quiet, always fun to watch Beau, and early on Hornbuckle was in command but wow, what a match. Looking forward to the spring season.
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    did anyone post any videos of the matches from saturday? I was stuck at home :(
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    Torres was pinned by both Rock and gandara and tapped out in one of the matches... think it was against Rock... didn't even finish in the top 4
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    Welcome to Freestyle!...... different Rules.
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