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    I heard they had all four on the same side of the bracket to begin with, and had to redue the bracket to to make it fair.
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  3. chingon76

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    so true... looking forward to state freestyle!
  4. blackbaby

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    Looks like p4p picture is finally clearing up.
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    It is cool to see the top kids finally battling it out. It is too bad it didn't happen more during folkstyle season (unless they happened to show up to the same tournaments). We need a folkstyle true state tournament. That would be great experience for our wrestlers and get some needed recognition for the "smaller" divisions.
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    I agree because kids will get left out of az central wrestler of the year. I can't believe a four time state champion can be left off the list of finalist and one and two timers are ahead of three timers. What are we saying to the kids, be in the right place at the right time , and someone from az central might see you and you will make the list.
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    Henderson placed 4th at Virginia Beach only losing to 2 D1 committed kids, one was a 2x Ohio state champion and the other is a New York state champ who is wrestling for Cornell next year. Both matches were pretty close.
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    Exactly what I'm talking about, some of the kids on the list have never wrestled in national tournaments and most people stay away from Peoria and Flowing Wells to keep their record safe.

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