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    Coach Simon Smith passed quite suddenly yesterday.
    He taught for many years at Salt River High School and we started the first team there back in 2004-05. A former wrestler for Parker HS in the late 80's, he always sought to look for the best in all kids. A humble man he was (he wasn't a facebook/social media kinda guy), he did encourage all of our kids to do their best. We didn't know much back then about being high school coaches but we tried and I'd like to think we succeeded, even bringing about a state champion and a 6th placer back in 2011 and starting the Salt River wrestling invitational in 2012. That in turn gave me the confidence to start our Veterans Memorial Invitational in Window Rock when I came home.
    A Lakota and Chemehuevi, he loved working with Indian students. He was very knowledgeable in traditional Lakota ways and loved baseball, sometimes coaching cross country as well. He also held great respect for all veterans and we'd talk about history, politics and who was good in wrestling that year. He looked in on my family when I went to Iraq and my sons loved him.
    If you knew him, you knew the friendly man he was. He was my friend, and my brother. I miss him.
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    Coach Hillis,
    May you find peace in the celebration of his life. I'm sorry for your loss. He sounds like a man that touched many lives and that is a true legacy! May those that experienced his giving nature always pay it forward.

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