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  1. cougar

    cougar Active Member

    Is the Peoria tournament this weekend?
  2. swingsingle

    swingsingle Member

    Yes...does anyone know the seeds for the tourney?
  3. az_wrestler

    az_wrestler Member

    Peoria for being the premier Arizona Tournament is still in the dark ages... no T1@8%wrestling, charge you for everything, I think you have to pay admission 3 times, They are making $$$$$ but it is the biggest secret to the public when it comes to information...from what I understand this how it has always been, seeding and brackets written on stone with a hammer and chisel, then posted outside for attendees only. The list of schools online at aia isn't even correct...cmon
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  4. East Valley

    East Valley Active Member

    4101AA9C-4851-4B43-AB64-E876692EBCCA.jpeg I hope this helps!
  5. East Valley

    East Valley Active Member

    I’ve never been. I’m excited to finally go. I don’t mind the price if it’s run well & has a good venue.
  6. donrcovert

    donrcovert New Member

    Thanks for the photo. Hope you are not disappointed it should be fun Go Toro's!!!!
  7. cougar

    cougar Active Member

    Can someone post the seeds when they have them?
  8. Connorsdad

    Connorsdad New Member

    It is unbelievable. The fact they charge 4 times but wont spend the money for TrackWrestling is ridiculous. Do they realize it will bring them more publicity, create a bigger buzz and therefore more participants. Its unreal the tournament has started and if you're not at the arena you have no idea of the seeds, brackets or who's wrestling
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  9. Connorsdad

    Connorsdad New Member

    T R A C K W R E S T L I N G
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  10. chingon76

    chingon76 Active Member

    this is my opinion and it's based on being in the coaching scene since 99'
    I've observed, discussed, listened and eavesdropped on many conversations concerning these issues.

    there are a few teams that seem to be "blocked" from participating at certain tournaments. It's lame but the politics in AZ coaching are definitely there. It is in all facets of life but is very disheartening to see it in our school districts and especially in our athletic departments. It should always be about what is "best for kids" but usually it is "what's best for me".

    Flowing Wells is a horrible venue (restrooms, space for wrestlers, space for spectators, food, parking).

    Peoria TOC is a horrible event (restrooms, brackets posted in one spot, track8888wrestling?,space for wrestlers, space for spectators, cost for spectators (multiple times)

    moon valley (restrooms are horrible --1 restroom for finals?, long breaks for ridiculousness, treating the athletes poorly especially prior to finals -- keeping them outside in the cold, limited space for wrestlers during competition, a very unnecesary pools meeting to place non-seeded athletes).

    Mile High tournament / and the state venue (same place) has clean restrooms and is inviting to spectators and athletes. It has some issues with proper warm up areas, and the staff can be outright rude to athletes coming and going (and of course the ability for athletes to bring in outside food / snacks is a point of contention).

    It seems the old cronies that run these events don't listen to the customers and school that participate in these events. The customers are always right. Treat the athletes well, treat the spectators well, keep the restrooms well stocked and clean: these are essential for people to clamor to attend your event.

    How do we change things? Programs (the ones that put on tournaments) should listen to the people. They should focus on making the experience great for everyone. Doing so = more money and more teams clamoring to attend and more spectators wanting to watch.
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  11. whenndoubtchokemout

    whenndoubtchokemout "when in doubt, chokem out"

  12. Hillis

    Hillis Member

    I take my team to where we are comfortable. We love going to Page, Camp Verde, and Flagstaff (we had to choose between CV and Flag because they're the same) weekend. Mile High was a good one too and we felt very welcome at the Puma Duals. Doc Wright is good for competition and hospitality...but man, it is crowded.
    One place we've been in NM, had one team's fans were hostile to us and it was overly crowded. My kids did very well but that was the first and last time we went to that particular tournament.
    I see what other teams offer and I take the best to try to improve our Veterans Memorial Inv. We have short falls but we try to improve on them. Sometimes the coach doesn't have all the power over his tournament...but this coach does work to try to continuously improve. I do listen to the visiting coaches ideas as well.
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  13. chingon76

    chingon76 Active Member

    Mark, We loved visiting Window Rock during the summer. It was an amazing trip with our small group and I even got to hike the Window Rock (it was scary). I wish our schedule wasn't full during your tournament. If it was my choice to make... I would come back up :). Good luck to you and your team as the season enters the final stretch.
  14. Connorsdad

    Connorsdad New Member

    So everybody will not think that I'm anti Peoria let me say that the tournament staff is by far the friendliest I've ever dealt with, they have an incredible amount of help and the tournament runs extremely smoothly. But I think they have lost sight of the fact that the tournament should not be about them but about the wrestlers. The wrestlers, teams, parents and so on are the ones who are paying all the entry fees, concessions, four different admissions and they deserve something more than a piece of paper taped to a wall. This is 2018 and they are being shortchanged, done a disservice or simply taken advantage of by not using track wrestling. There's no other way to put it. And by not using it, we're being told that the wrestlers are not what the tournament is most concerned with and that should be unacceptable.
  15. AzWildCard

    AzWildCard New Member

    Contact the athletic director/department and share your ideas on how to improve this tournament.
  16. whenndoubtchokemout

    whenndoubtchokemout "when in doubt, chokem out"

    Trying to get ahold of the Peoria Athletic Director is like trying to get ahold of Trump. He never returned calls the last 2 years when QC was trying to get into the tournament.
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  17. AZ_wrestlinFan#1

    AZ_wrestlinFan#1 Active Member

    Why didn’t QC use Twitter?
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  18. Hillis

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    Maybe I should use Twitter to get a hold of Tuba City's AD as well. Haha

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