Prescott State?

Discussion in 'Middle School Wrestling Talk' started by Coach Marble, Oct 3, 2019.

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    Anyone know when the tournament is this season?
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    Sorry folks - I am running a little behind on my comms this year. I just re-confirmed our dates this week with the Findlay Toyota Center. They are: January 31 and February 1. We have a con call next week to work out some details but expect a slightly earlier start time on Friday. Despite running two more mats last year and having slightly fewer teams and participants, we ran a bit long on time. If we can squeeze in one more round on Friday, we may try to do so. Still working out details.

    Expect comms to come shortly as well as a roll-out of some other media to do a more efficient job communicating (than email).
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    Thank you kindly Sir!

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