Realignment for the next 2 year bloc

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    The conferences were released today. This is of course before schools appeal up or down for various reasons. Another thing of note is that they are changing the divisions for wrestling. Division 2 will now be all the 5A schools plus the top 10 4A schools by enrollment. Division 3 will be 4A and the top 10 3A schools by enrollment. Then the rest combined with 1/2A for Division 4.

    Interesting that if this holds, Safford would be Division 4 for the next 2 year bloc.
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    Meh, in the end wrestle everyone. Push hard. Wrestle hard. Cross train with the better wrestlers and get better. Grow Az wrestling. Im a coach and i love to see our wrestlers compete across divisions and against bigger and smaller schools. It’s the true test. You’re better? Let’s wrestle! It’s a beautiful thing.
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    Here are the preliminary alignments:

    On October 25, 2019, they will be releasing alignments and sectionals after looking at appeals

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