Rules for Girls Section/State Championships

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  1. c_chill

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    Hello AZ Wrestling Community,

    What rules are being used for sectionals and state for girls? Are they freestyle or folkstyle rules?
  2. chingon76

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    • modified freestyle/ folkstyle
    • running clock 6min
    • restart where the takedown happens
    • takedowns only unless its feet to back
    • hair covering attached to headgear required
    • they do have different female weight divisions
    101 pounds
    110 pounds
    118 pounds
    125 pounds
    130 pounds
    135 pounds
    145 pounds
    160 pounds
    185 pounds
    225 pounds
  3. c_chill

    c_chill New Member

    Thank you! What website did you find this information on? Do you have a link?
  4. Levi

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    Girls wrestling rules clarification:

    All NFHS rules for wrestling will be used except following a takedown, technical falls, at the start of the second, third and overtime periods and starting/stopping clock.

    • Weigh procedures, uniform, hair coverings, penalties, nearfall criteria, unsportsmanlike conduct, flagrant misconduct, etc. will all follow the NFHS rules.

    Conduct of the match

    • The match will be three 2-minute periods. The clock will run continuously for each 2-minute period.

    • Wrestlers will start in the neutral position for all three periods.

    • Once a takedown is scored the wrestlers will be brought back to a neutral standing start and wrestling will be resumed, unless the back of the wrestler being taken down is exposed to the mat.

    • If a takedown is scored resulting is a near fall or fall situation, wrestling on the mat will continue with nearfall points being scored.

    • If a wrestler has their back exposed to the mat and they roll the other wrestler with their back exposed to the mat the match will continue with reversal and possibly nearfall points being scored

    • Overtime will continue until one wrestler scores, either by takedown or penalty point.

    • A technical fall will occur when there is a 10 point difference in the match score

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