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  1. BDBlue

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    With a new addition to the tradition that is Sunnyside Wrestling and another young one added to the 4xer List of SS which is an extremely short list in comparison to the programs Dynasty. How would you Rank the 5? Based solely on High School Wrestling, Styles, Level of Competition... Hell we can even do Imaginary Match Ups! I know they are all in different weights and everything but I figure this could get interesting!

    Second Question Who is Sunnyside PAP Best Wrestler. period?

    For the sake of the questions and to spark controversy... I mean conversation ;)

    1. Gallick
    2. Lopez
    3. Big DeBo
    4. Lil DeBo
    5. RBY

    I'll do current reasoning on why the Newcomer to the short List is where I put him:
    Reasoning- Gallick actually wrestled the same weight as RBY and with similar style types (sorta) but I believe Gallick would pull this one off close. Lopez and RBY's styles clash big time and I feel that Lopez would beat RBY on top. RBY's style clashes even more so with Big DeBo and with Big DeBo's ability to neutralize most peoples offense with his slowing people down and top wrestling I still say Big DeBo. Lil DeBo is a much closer match and styles clash here too, I take Lil DeBo due to his top wrestling and hardnosed style, I don't see RBY out slicking him, I see him running into a brick in this one.

    Best P4P Overall- Eddie Urbano

    Have Fun!
  2. Mike Jarman

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    Eric Larkin 4th at ncaa as a true freshman
  3. homerdindon

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    I know everyone but RBY somewhat well (or did at one point), so I'd be biased toward the others if anything, but I'd confidently but RBY at the top of the list. He was a lot more dominant than the others in my opinion, and I kind of don't really even think it's close.

    If you're going P4P overall and including college results (in which case you can't really factor in RBY), really can't be anyone other than Larkin. Urbano NCAA champ too but Larkin had better results his non-title years. I'd put him right under RBY (and above the other people in your list) as far as high school goes despite "only" being a 2xer.
  4. az_wrestler

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    HM would be Danny Vega jr or on the list...he too was Fargo champ- oops not SS sorry but he should be on some P4P list
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  5. BDBlue

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    Unfortunately Danny Vega Jr. isn't a Blue Devil, he's a Nightpigeon (Lol) :( But he has the Royal Blue and White in his Veins! Both Parents are SS Grads! ;) Lol... But Yes he was very good!

    Urbano had better International Results than Larkin did. But we can argue one over the other and vice versa till we're blue in the face... they both were/are Beasts!!! I remember watching Coach Larkin beat Danny Felix at the Sunkist International in Wells Fargo Arena his Freshman year of college!

    I'm not sure if I'd put RBY at the top of the list... Maybe 4, Maybe. But he's not beating Gallick (Lil Cejudo Never beat Gallick, in fact he's lost to him multiple times in High School at Peoria TOC, and RBY isn't beating Henry). He's not Beating Lopez, too much Horse. And He's Not beating Big DeBo, again too much horse. But that's to take nothing away from ALL 5 of the SS 4xers, each was special and great in their time and at what they did!

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