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    The Summer Wrestling League is another great way to get your kids more mat time in the summer. We have it every Thursday night during the summer at the designated high school. It does not cost anything. Any high school student is able to come and participate. It starts at 6 PM.

    Week of:
    June 6: Peoria
    June 13 (Wed): Estrella Foothills
    June 20: Shadow Mt.
    June 27: La Joya
    July 11: AZ Lutheran
    July 18: Copper Canyon

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

    Garth Benson
  2. Coach_EFHS

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    Remember that there is the Summer Wrestling League this Wednesday at Estrella Foothills HS. Wrestling starts at 6. No cost, no requirements just mat time!
  3. Coach_EFHS

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    Great turn out last night. At least 12 teams and over 80 wrestlers, both male and female. Everyone got at least 5 matches, if they wanted them.
    Come out next Thursday to Shadow Mt. to get that extra mat time.
  4. FamousLie

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    Is this freestyle or folkstyle?
  5. Dad3wrestlers

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    Folk, but the kids can wrestle whatever they want, my kid will just ask if they can go greco or free, but majority is folk.
  6. Coach_EFHS

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    This week the league matches will be held at Shadow Mt High School. The school is located at 2901 Shea Blvd Phx 85028. When arriving come down to the second parking lot with the building saying Matador Arena. The wrestling room is located there. Come down along the east side of the building to the second double doors. Sign will say wrestling room. Thanks all and will see you at 6pm.
  7. Coach_EFHS

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    It is a folkstyle league. If the kids agree to wrestle another style, that is their choice but it is ran as a folkstyle league with 3-1 minute periods with Neutral, Top and Bottom position.

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