Weight Classes and Dual Meets

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    A couple of huge pet peeves of mine.

    1. The weight classes DO NOT CHANGE after the first of the year. 106 does not magically change to 108. It is the 106 pound weight class with a 2 pound growth allowance. You do not see flowrestling change their weight class rankings after the first of the year, do you? Having moved from out of state a few years ago this has always bothered me about the Arizona tournaments after the first of the year.

    2. The proper term is DUAL meet. Not Duel meet. The two schools are not taking twenty paces and having a duel. The term Dual Meet refers to the number of schools at the meet. Two schools is a Dual Meet. Three schools is a Triangular Meet. Four Schools is a Quadrangular Meet, so on and so forth.

    Okay, I will get off my soapbox now.
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    Like having dual personalities! Got it.
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