What’s with terribly run tournaments...

Discussion in 'Wrestling Talk - HS' started by MTLION05, Dec 28, 2019.

  1. MTLION05

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    We’ve all been there.

    You know the tournament that says it’s going to have a certain amount of teams there. Only for your team to show up and then have barely enough for a sixteen man bracket.

    Or the tournament that doesn’t start at the time it says it will and decide to have a four hour break for no reason other than to make wrestlers and spectators to wait around.

    Or the tournament that has a ref that is out to make everything about him and lame goatee and come off grouchy and hostile towards everyone.

    Or the tournament that does the metal presentation after you and your team and the spectators have been around for 12 hours.

    Time to get your act together or stop running a tournament and wasting these wrestlers teams time.
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  2. FamousLie

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    There's bad years sometimes. I remember one year at Moon Valley we didn't start until 1pm on Friday and I think I got home around midnight and had to be back the next day at 7am.
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  3. cdhrk3

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    Come talk to be
  4. cdhrk3

    cdhrk3 Member

    I said the same thing in my post. One of the problems is the coaches. They think this is normal.

    The other problem is the Brian's running state. They think running bout cards and using track is a good idea. I could go on.. but like I've told the other coach at my school welcome to Arizona.
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  5. BKramer

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    So I am curious and I do mean this in all honesty...is there a better option than Track? Or is that not what you meant, cdhrk3? I get the bout cards thing - waaaayyyyy better to do electronic. But I didn't understand the Track comment so was wondering if you feel there is a better option out there or something? Would appreciate your thoughts and idea, if so.
  6. chingon76

    chingon76 Well-Known Member

    I’m surprised someone hasn’t built a competition program to challenge trackwrestling

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