Where do 220s go after High School?

Discussion in 'Wrestling Talk - HS' started by DC55, Feb 14, 2019.

  1. DC55

    DC55 Member

    A bit new to the sport and surprised to learn that Division 1 colleges don't have a 220 weight class and if over 195 would have to wrestle at 285. What happens to 220 wrestlers after High School?
  2. bayoubadger

    bayoubadger Well-Known Member

    Unless they are a light 220 and can cut down 197 (let's be honest most 18yo 220 pounders have some baby fat still), they wrestle 285. 3x NCAA HWT, world and olympic champ Kyle Snyder was no where remotely close to 285.
  3. AveJoe

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    Yes unfortunately a lot of high school wrestlers at 220 will drop to 197. Unless they are a big 220 that drops weight and has insane wrestling abilities. At the D1 level I have seen 220lb high schoolers go down to as much as 174/184 depending on build, height/weight, team roster and wrestling abilities.

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