wheres D1 rankings?

Discussion in 'Rankings' started by az_wrestler, Aug 12, 2018.

  1. homerdindon

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    Desert Vista should be a heavy favorite to win this year. They not only have a lot of placers, but have 5 kids who would need an epic collapse to even finish outside of the top 3. I think Chandler, Liberty, Mtn View, and Cibola are all fairly even after DV.
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  2. bayoubadger

    bayoubadger Active Member

    195 - Armando Delgado should be number 2. (or at 220 if that is where he goes) Finished 3rd at state and beat Rees from SS twice. If he and Hollen actually wrestle this year, Delgado will win.
  3. homerdindon

    homerdindon New Member

    They had 3 chances to meet last year, but Delgado lost before he could face Hollen every time. It would be a good match though for sure.
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  4. C-townwolves

    C-townwolves New Member

    Sobas beat Delgado last year at skyline
  5. East Valley

    East Valley Active Member

    “Will win” you don’t know that. Don’t be a hater Badger. Hollen is a two time finalist & got it done last year. You have to go with the proven until something happens. Should be a good match.
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  6. chingon76

    chingon76 Active Member

    one of the best parts of this sport... the proof is on the mat...
    so excited for season to start :)
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  7. East Valley

    East Valley Active Member

    I was very impressed with Caesar Chavez! They have a group of tough gritty kids. Kudos to the coaches & all involved. They are on the rise. Maybe a dark horse this year.
  8. East Valley

    East Valley Active Member

    Boulder Creek is quietly putting together an impressive start to the season also. Maybe another team to consider for contention?
  9. moabbound

    moabbound New Member

    Liberty won Boulder Creek 52-15 last night.
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  10. East Valley

    East Valley Active Member

    I know. Liberty has always been a contender & are again. Yes BC lost. I’m looking at the whole body of work & I wanted to get some fresh team talked about.
  11. CVCougar

    CVCougar Active Member

    And just because a team is a good dual team, doesn't make them a good tournament team (but it helps). I have seen a lot of teams place really high in the state tournament but they struggled winning duals. I think both Liberty and BC are good dual teams and tournament teams but Liberty may have ust matched up really well head to head.
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  12. swingsingle

    swingsingle Member

    Based on the results I’ve seen so far my team rankings at this point in the season would be:

    1. Mesa Mountain View - undefeated in duals. Dominated Buckeye tournament. Placed everyone except one weight class. Had six or seven in the finals.

    2. Liberty - 13-1 in duals. Lost to Cibola but didn’t look like they had all the studs in the line-up when I checked trackwrestling. Finished a 1/2 point behind Rancho Bernardo at Liberty Classic. Rancho is ranked a top 10 team in California. Placed all weight classes at Liberty Classic. Had 6 in the finals.

    3. Desert Vista - undeated in duals. They don’t have the depth of Liberty or Mesa Mt. View but they definitely have 3-4 wrestlers who can be state champs in the line-up to be right there especially in a tournament format.

    4. Boulder Creek - 16-1 dual record. This team has started the season on fire in dual format. Beat Yuma and Cienega. They have some extremely talented wrestlers and will interesting to see how they do in a tournament format.

    5. Cibola- They could easily be ranked 4th. 10-2 dual record. Only losses are to top Nevada teams green valley and Shadow Ridge. As history shows Cibola usually gets better as the season progresses. Waiting to see how there perform in tournament format.

    Overall I still think the Div 1 team race will be a close one. I believe most of these teams will be at the Peoria Invitational so that will be tournament to keep an eye on to get a better idea who is the top dog in D 1.
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  13. Cibolamom

    Cibolamom New Member

    Can we update the rankings for D1 soon?
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  14. wjd

    wjd Member

    Yes, Sunnyside is the best program year in and year out and has been for decades. However, they only won 1 of the last 5 state championships, so don't act like the wrestling world revolves around them and that there aren't other good programs/wrestlers out there.
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  15. Coachdoerr

    Coachdoerr New Member

    Cibola has won a few state titles even won back to back
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  16. swingsingle

    swingsingle Member

    Based on new tournament results my new team rankings would be as follows:

    1. Liberty - won the Las Vegas Holiday Tourney, took third at El Cajon behind Buchanan and Rancho Bernardo. Took second at Peoria Invitational and gave Sunnyside a run for their money. Finished in front of Desert Vista and Mesa Mtn. View.

    2. Desert Vista - Finished 3rd at Peoria invitational behind Liberty and Sunnyside.

    3. Mesa Mtn. View finishes behind Liberty and Desert Vista at Peoria Invitational.

    4. Boulder Creek - finished second at Pack Invitational behind Mesa Mtn View and in front of Cibola.

    There is a tie for 5.

    5. Cesar Chavez and Cibola

    Cesar Chavez actually finished 4th at the Peoria Invitational in front of Mesa Mt. View but Mesa Mtn View was without some key wrestlers.

    Cibola - Finished 3rd at Pack Invitatonal behind boulder creek and Mesa Mtn. View
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  17. 182pounder

    182pounder New Member

    Zach Espalin Chandler
    Zander Phaturos Liberty
    John Jarman Mesa
    Javier Duran César Chávez
    Demarko Gomez Cibola
    Cesar Avelar Brophy

    Carson Coy Liberty
    Juan Sierra Cibola
    Charles Boyle Westwood
    Noah Kasprowicz Boulder Creek
    Hunter Richards Mesa Mtn View
    Anthony Gonzalez corona

    Andres Avelar César Chávez
    Zack Kvayle Corona Del Sol
    Caleb Pool Tucson
    Cael Figueroa Highland
    Matt Martinez Skyline
    Everett Gomez Desert Ridge


    Tyler Sauter Liberty
    Alex Wood Desert Ridge
    Bradley Basgall Mesa Mountain View
    Tariq Hornbuckle Desert Vista
    Alex Terese Pinnacle
    Alex Rodriguez Basha

    Isai Alonzo Kofa
    Bowen Doolen Mesa Mtn View
    Andrew Correa Liberty
    George Poland César Chávez
    Ibrahim Sadi Tucson
    Isaiah Valenzuela Hamilton


    Steven Jarman Mesa
    Zachary Bode Sandra Day
    Roberto Santamaria Tucson
    Jonah Mohammed Hamilton
    Adam Booth Mesa Mtn View
    Seth Fernandez Queen Creek


    Alfonzo Martinez Desert Vista
    Collin Mccorkle Liberty
    Thomas Bigelow Chandler
    Max Prado Shadow Ridge
    Cody Foote Red Mountain
    Dylan Quinn Basha


    Denen Fernandez Queen Creek
    Zeke Guerrero Cibola
    Kamyn Stonebreaker Liberty
    Skyler Suwyn Mountain Ridge
    Carter Bruno Desert Vista
    Samuel Hernandez César Chávez

    Sheldon Cole Boulder Creek
    Carlos Urias Kofa
    Preston Cameau Desert Vista
    Jaden Kaufman Mountain Ridge
    Diego Herrera César Chávez
    Ali Hensen Mesa

    Matthew Stevenson Liberty
    Gabriel Castaneda Cibola
    Justice Smith Desert Vista
    Roam Kelleher Corona
    Yousef Sadi Tucson
    Cornelius Williams Copper Canyon


    Joe Carey Basha
    Donovan Corn Hamilton
    Makai Obregon Valley Vista
    Kirby Hensen Liberty
    Rory Ortega Sandra Day
    Wayne Dunn Mesa Mtn View


    Jerimiah Hollen Mesa Mountain View
    Will Broucek Brophy
    Travis Calloway Perry
    Elijah Sobas Chandler
    Eric Orozco César Chávez
    Armando Delgado Desert Vista


    Nathaniel Deasey Chandler
    Luke Padwe Pinnalce
    David Palosika Mountain Pointe
    Preston Ariola Mesa
    Marcos Meza Cibola
    Jayden Mason Mountain Ridge


    Brett Johnson Desert Vista
    Mathew Eager Westwood
    Justin Clatterbuck Perry
    Jeremiah Katt Mesa Mtn View
    Dale Banning Queen Creek
    Jacob Moore Boulder Creek
  18. john jones

    john jones New Member

    Is Yousef Sadi and Ibrahim Sadi related? If they are ,who’s older ?
  19. East Valley

    East Valley Active Member

    Thanks for compiling these! Are you basing it on record? Tournaments? Head to head? or All of the above?
  20. 182pounder

    182pounder New Member

    All of the above. I try to compile the best rankings not based on bias. I do want to apologize in advance if i missed any kids. I also try to base it off the level of the tournaments attended.
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