1. Loved that match. Perfect example of small school vs big school. It doesn’t matter what division you are from, hard work pays off.
    Aaron Hancock was very gifted athletically. He spent extra time for years after practice to get him where he is at today. He had paid the price and became one of the most gifted mat/technical wrestlers I have ever seen. He had an array of incredible moves; an arsenal of weapons that he can utilize when competing against all challengers. His explosive aggression, combined with his outstanding speed and awesome power, proved too much for those in his weight class.
    Aaron Hancock epitomized the word “electrifying”. You know when he is on the mat, it is show time. He loved to show off all the advance technique he acquires during the off-season. He was years ahead of his opponents in technique. They quickly learned how a master used old and new legs. I personally believe that Aaron Hancock was the best wrestler in the state at his weight class. He certainly proved it twice defeating 5A’s best at Moon Valley two years in a row.
    His off-season training and respect for his coach, enabled him to obtain the pearls of wisdom, to empower himself to surpass those remaining stagnate. Enhancing his odds of becoming a fearsome superior warrior, a conqueror, a force to be reckoned with, commanding respect, domineering his adversaries and emerging victorious.

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