About Us

cropped-Arizona-Wrestling-Glossy-LOGO.pngArizona-Wrestling.com is the number source for wrestling information in Arizona. We do our best to promote our athletes to help them achieve their dreams of wrestling in College and winning a national title.

On Arizona-Wrestling.com you can watch championship matches with the best athletes going face-to-face with each other in the final round. We also go around wrestling events to capture action photos for our athelets because not all families can afford the high priced action photos you see at other events. Our goal is to grow the sport of wrestling, especially in Arizona.

Our Mission: To promote education through the sport of wrestling.

We maintain Arizona-Wrestling.com as a resource for school-age wrestlers and their coaches to access wrestling information, training tips and tools, and the opportunity to watch fellow wrestling videos, create a profile and keep in touch with one another.  Through our website, middle and high school wrestlers can achieve more through education and a chance to gain exposure to the Coaches who can offer scholarships and other awards for great achievements in the sport. We contact college coaches all season long to get them to watch our Arizona athletes.