2022-23 D3 Team Preview

Jim ima

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Top 8 returning teams plus Mica Mtn, who is moving into D3. I see a 3 team race here with ALA, Sahuarita and Walden Grove.

Bergen Doolen, 106, (41-4) 5th
Jake Wood, 113, (14-5) DNP
Braeden Bayless, 120, (34-13) DNP
Mikey Parra, 126, (9-8) DNP
Brandon Loyden, 138, (30-6) 6th
Tyton Slade, 144, (37-17) DNP
Trevor Tenney, 150, (32-9) DNP (Placed in ’21)
Stosh Jobe, 175, (18-15) DNP
Bric Jobe, 190, (35-2), 2nd (Champ in ‘21)
Dalton Loyden ??? (2nd ’20, 4th ’21)

Returning points: 56 (3 medals, 9 qualifiers) Would be surprised if Doolen didn't move up after wrestling 20 at Terminator just after state. Was expecting Tenney to medal again this year but he fell a little short. I think the 3 day weigh in caught up to a couple of their kids. They are definitely putting in the work as a program in the off season. BIG addition having Dalton Loyden eligible to compete this year, (Loyden has finished 2nd at preseason nationals and then was blood round at folkstyle nationals, also made the D1 state finals as a freshman) already a contender for a state title, to go along with Bric Jobe who was a state champ in '21. Definitely contenders in a 3 team race for the state championship.

Anthony Escalera, 106, (50-5) DNP
Nolan Wilson, 126, (44-17) 6th
Jaren Chastian, 132, (11-11) DNP
Cooper French, 150, (53-2) 2x Champ
Reed Merrell, 157, (41-19) DNP

Returning points: 48 (1 Champ, 2 medalists, 5 qualifiers) Surprised Escalera didn't get in for a medal after having a great season and beating several kids who did place. Adding Townsend at the end really added to the depth of this weight class. Nolan Wilson getting in as a freshman was big, he is a young workhorse. French looking for title #3 next season, has been dominant in this division. Maybe we get to see him and Cordova go at it?? Merrell fell a little short after winning sectionals and did not medal, which was unexpected but happens. Overall a well coached group who puts in off season time but will need other kids to develop and step in if they want to break the top 5.

Mica Mountain:
113 Isaac Amador (31-15) 6th
120 Nathan Hernandez (15-7) DNP
126 Josh Beans (42-13) DNP
144 Aaron Rodarte (20-15) DNP
165 Octavio Vidrio (29-22) DNP
190 Jacob Ford (45-17) DNP
285 George Flores (22-11) 6th

Returning points: 32 (2 medals, 7 qualifiers) Moving into a tough section with Safford Sahuarita and Walden Grove won't do them any favors but two returning medalists is always a good starting point. Add in the fact that Beans beat the D4 and D3 state champs at that weight class and there's another contender for a high medal. Their other kids (Rodarte, Vidrio, Ford) have all been around and one would expect them to take the next step this season.

Brody Townsend, 106, (7-0) 2x Champ
Racer Uhler, 113, (17-4) DNP
Angel Casillas, 120, (7-3) 4th
Kai Miller, 132, (13-2) 2nd (Champ in ’21)

Returning points: 66.5 (1 champ, 3 medals, 4 qualifiers) Obviously really talented group of kids but it's hard to figure this team out. Are they still feeling the affects of covid? Can't understand why their kids had so few matches and I believe Townsend had 0 matches going into sectionals. Miller was something like 6-1 or 7-1 before sectionals, just strange but it seemed to work, with Coach Chagolla working his magic as both kids made the finals again. Uhler will develop a little more this off season and Casillas is already tough to beat. Expecting to see this group rolling through next season, the question will be can they add to this group...

Kody Gluyas, 113, (11-6) DNP
Gabriel Enriquez, 120, (29-17) DNP
Raymond Contreras, 126, (21-16) DNP
James Lujan, 144, (10-14) DNP
Gary Smith, 190, (27-13) DNP
*Caleb Cordova (Champ in ’21)
*Damian Rios (6th in ’21)
*Anthony Garrobo (6th in’21) 2nd in NV ‘22

Returning points: 8 (5 qualifiers) Watching Safford's young kids, can't help but think how tough Enriquez and Contreras are. They both took a good amount of losses but they were definitely hard earned wins by their opponents. They will be a couple of studs in the coming years. Smith is a kid who wrestles year round, (Fargo last yr) and is still getting better. I have seen him wrestle good matches, get leads and then get beat after making costly mistakes. I thought this was the year he was going to get on the podium but I do see his time coming. If Safford gets Caleb Cordova and Monster Rios back for the JR seasons, that gives them some more depth and real leaders to count on. I heard they were both hurt this season, Cordova wrestled a little in the beginning and Rios didn't compete at all. Hoping those two are healthy and firing on all cylinders this season.

Daniel Guerrero, 106, (40-10) 4th
Justin Fox, 120, (51-9) 5th
Sergio Pena, 126, (47-3) 1st
Isaiah Miller, 132, (41-8) 5th
Christian Lopez, 138, (50-7) 3rd
Gabriel Gallardo, 144, (52-1) 1st
Adrian Nemer, 150, (23-14) DNP
Julian Prieto, 157, (46-8) 1st
Trajan Rios, 175, (12-13) DNP
Malcolm Williams, 190, (17-13) DNP

Returning points: 146.5 (3 Champs, 7 medals, 10 qualifiers) Moving Prieto down at the end of the season proved to be a huge move. He ran through sectionals and state with 6 bonus point wins out of 7 matches. Freshman state champs Pena and Gallardo were impressive in their freshman campaigns, both coming away as state champs. I thought they would have gotten more in the finals this past year , (215/138). 3 returning qualifiers who did not medal are going to need to, the guys outside of their core group will have to step up if they want to win this division again. Nemer is a 2x qualifier now (who beat 2 medalists H2H at sectionals and state). Fox, Lopez multiple time medalists and Miller has been around, those guys will have to step up their game as well. Hopefully Guerrero grows into his weight class this summer and he can move up the podium. I know they work and travel, seeing they had Gallardo place in Virginia Beach and then a handful of other guys place at folkstyle nationals, they will be in the hunt again and probably the favorite, until proven otherwise.

Troy Kinlicheenie, 126, (45-7) 3rd
Bryce White, 195, (39-16) 6th
Devin Kinlicheenie, 215 (41-8) 6th

Returning points: 39.5 (3 medals, 3 qualifiers) 1 Kinlicheenie gone (2x Champ), along with some other big point scorers will hurt Snowflake. The younger 2 Kinlicheenie brothers will have to step up and get more of their teammates involve in their off season work. White coming back at 95 with a state medal will help and I know they had a bigger kid place at 150ish at middle school state.

Walden Grove:
Jack Warren, 106, (34-14) DNP
Zach Bates, 113, (56-2) 1st
Pedro Mendoza, 120, (29-5) 1st
Channing Porter, 126, (35-9) 5th
Jasek Lewis, 132, (26-14) DNP
Enzo Morales, 144, (40-6) 2nd
Christian Gallardo, 150 (36-13) 5th
Esteban Carrillo, 157 (41-9) 2nd
Gabriel Smith, 165, (22-8) DNP
Jaydon Bitton, 175, (26-17) DNP
Salvador Nieves, 285, (34-19) DNP
Isaias Borbon??? 4th '21

Returning points: 126 (2 Champs, 6 medals, 11 qualifiers) Bates had an impressive season, with his only losses to 2 different Sunnyside kids. I would imagine that him and Mendoza (also a state champ) are going to move up this year, they both looked pretty big for their weights. Porter is a 2 time medalist now who will need to step up if this team wants to overtake their neighborhood rival. Morales and Carrillo both lost finals matches to Sahuarita so it will be interesting to see where or if they move up, Morales has a really big frame for a freshman. I could see him going up multiple weights. Gallardo was a surprise, came to wrestle and pulled a couple first day upsets to get himself in the state semis. Not sure if Borbon was hurt or what but I'm sure it was not ideal to have a returning state placer out of their lineup. I see a lot of these kids travel and wrestle year round with their respective clubs, so you know the kids are definitely working. 4 returning finalists and 2 champs is a great start to trying to win another title after their first one in 2019. Like the other top teams, they will need their top guys to perform and get their supporting cast to fall in line to get a team trophy.


Just as something that could impact team races, Zachary (2nd @ 215) and Tyler (DNP) Shumway are at Mica this year; moving from Div IV Winslow.

Gives them 3 medals and 8 qualifiers. Maybe enough to make it a 4 team race?


Great analysis @Jim ima
Looking back after the season, it seems as if Ala Gilbert came out of nowhere but you had them all listed out and called a three team race. Interesting to see how next year shakes out.