D4 Rankings


  1. Yuma Catholic
  2. Morenci
  3. Mogollon
  4. St. Johns

1 Khel Lipumano (SO) Yuma Catholic

2 Eric Galindo (FR) Blue Ridge

3 Matthew Curley (SR) Monument Valley

4 Merrik Williams (FR) Morenci

5 Aidan Belloc (SO) Santa Cruz

6 Avry Dunton (SO) Arizona Lutheran


1 Micheal Romero (SO) Winslow

2 Raymond Garcia (JR) San Manuel

3 Trent Nelson (SO) Morenci

4 Jaeman Wesolek (SO) Arizona Lutheran

5 Cimmaron Curley (JR) Ganado

6 Rocky Porter (FR) Mogollon


1 Zach Wene (SR) Arizona Lutheran

2 Jaeden Seballos (SR) Morenci

3 Joseph Cahill (SR) Fountain Hills

4 Ashton Penrod (SR) Page

5 Mario Fernandez (SO) Willcox

6 Cauy Curley (SR) Ganado


1 Gabe Gonzales (SR) Globe

2 Joseph Rodriguez (JR) Monument Valley

3 Joshua Rodriguez (JR) Yuma Catholic

4 Luke Grainger (SO) Miami

5 Connor Peterson (FR) Page

6 Judah Pack (JR) Holbrook


1 Jason Ramirez (SR) Holbrook

2 Kinnly Colwell (SR) Round Valley

3 Tyler Flynn (JR) Fountain Hills

4 Mikey Casillas (JR) Morenci

5 Tsinajinnie Green (So) Page

6 Cole Worsely (JR) Mogollon


1 Noah Torres (JR) Morenci

2 Hadley Porter (SO) Mogollon

3 Grant Crosby (JR) St. Johns

4 Christopher Moore (JR) Holbrook

5 Dustin Oen (JR) Mayer

6 Tristun Brown (SO) Thatcher


1 Hunter Hancock (SO) Yuma Catholic

2 Breck Williams (JR) Morenci

3 Payton Reidhead (SR) Mogollon

4 Daniel Montijo (SR) Holbrook

5 Andrew Gonzales (SR) Globe

6 Jakob Tafoya (JR) San Manuel


1 John Provencio (JR) Morenci

2 Jt Richardson (SR) St. Johns

3 Rocky Stallworth (SO) Yuma Catholic

4 Anasco Sanchez (SR) Globe

5 Marcus Oberriter (SR) Holbrook

6 Chancy Worsley (SO) Mogollon


1 Oren Allsup (JR) Willcox

2 Davin Salt (JR) Monument Valley

3 Brandon Nelson (JR) Bagdad

4 Zeke Schroeder (SR) Arizona Lutheran

5 Isaac Martinez (SR) Holbrook

6 Jaxon Hone (SO) Wickenburg


1 Kash Macumber (JR) Willcox

2 Ben Lueders (JR) Northwest Christian

3 Anthony Walters (SR) Mayer

4 Tashawn Miles (SR) Monument Valley

5 Keagan Porter (JR) Mogollon

6 Tayt Ford (JR) Yuma Catholic


1 Trenton Blomquist (JR) Yuma Catholic

2 Owen Beatty (SR) Joseph City

3 Jaxon John (JR) Pima

4 Cooper Udall (JR) Thatcher

5 Trextan Reidhead (12) Mogollon

6 Pablo Hernandez (JR) Phoenix Christian


1 Coy Bowser (SR) Wickenburg

2 Pepper Hughes (JR) Pima

3 Caron Cunningham (SR) Arizona Lutheran

4 Hollis Corbell (FR) Morenci

5 Moises Perez (SO) Phoenix Christian

6 Joseph Thomas (SR) Joseph City


1 Ed Tingle (JR) Willcox

2 Kyson Price (SR) St. Johns

3 Tristan Black (SR) Camp Verde

4 Austyn Nelson (JR) Morenci

5 Aaron Navarro (SR) Arizona Lutheran

6 Carson Hone (JR) Wickenburg


1 Elias Espinoza (SO) San Pasqual

2 Max Mcvicker (JR) Yuma Catholic

3 Gabriel Gatewood (SR) Miami

4 Scott Ambler (SR) Thatcher

5 Aiden Lozoya (JR) San Manuel

6 Sidrick Begay (SR) Page
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Brandon Nelson(Bagdad) dropped from 157 to 150 in Joe City. Finishied higher than Oberriter(HOLB) and Jones(CV) over the weekend in Joe City.
Isaac Martinez(HOLB) dropped from 165 to 157. Finished higher than Dickey(CV).
165-Walters(MAY) over Lueders(NWC)


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106-Brax Cluff(BENS) DEC P. Reidhead(MOGO)
132-Cole Worsley(MOGO) FALL Z. Crowley(BENS)
215-Lorenzo Duran(YUCA) DEC T. Nelson(BAGD)
113-Matthew Curley dropped down to 106
Santa Cruz looking good this year & young
9 freshman, 2 juniors & a senior @ coyote open tournament at skyline this last weekend


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