2024 weekend wars


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Weekend Wars April 6th, 13th and 27th. May 11th, 18th and 25th.

Wrestling starts at 8AM and finishes by noon


1801 E. FIR ST.

1. There are still no entry fee charges. Everything is free.

2. Wrestlers in 1st grade thru 12th grade are permitted to participate.

3. USA Wrestling cards are mandatory.

4. An additional signed waiver and release of liability is still required. (see attached)

5. Singlet’s and head gear are optional.

What benefit is there for kids to drive up to Cottonwood? This is the place for quality mat time during the off season. Weekend Wars attracts many serious contenders from throughout Arizona and from out of state. Anybody that’s a serious wrestler practices and participates in off-season mat-time as preparation for the Winter season. Each wrestler who attends is given the opportunity to wrestle up to ten matches. This is a big draw for other teams statewide, as well as teams from out of state, who face the same dilemma, which is the lack of wrestling competition. 14 simultaneous matches of nonstop grappling takes place and by the end of the day there is an abundance of mat burns, a few bloody noses, but a wealth of wrestling experience for each athlete that makes the trip to Mingus High School.

In response to your many questions, please arrive no later than 7:30 am. All groups will be placed together. It will be up to every individual to pair themselves up with someone at their level of expertise. You can choose how many matches you wish to wrestle. Every parent or coach can be the referee to their kids matches. Some kids like to wrestle only kids at their level or against those at a higher level and thereby expose what weaknesses they may need to work on. They only have to wear shorts and a tshirt just what is necessary to compete but no one can wear a school affiliated uniform. Sorry there are no lockers or showers available. Unfortunately, there are no Trainers available for injuries. All injuries will be up to their coach/parent to address. All major injuries will require us to contact 911. Fortunately, very few injuries have required us to do so. All contestants are required to fill out a waiver to compete.

Many coaches are grateful and expressed their content about their kids getting ten matches and yet leave early enough to get home and spend the rest of their day with friends and family. We always finish before noon which attracts many wrestlers and their coaches. Please let me know when you plan on attending at coachchagolla@hotmail.com


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kids from all over. Our next Weekend Wars is on April 13, 2024. Many of the little kids are coming back, ranging from 46 Our first Weekend Wars of the year had an outstanding club attendance with quality wrestlers from; Grindhouse, Bagdad Copperheads, Chino Valley, Mingus Mountain Wrestling Club, Mesa Mountain Wrestling, Mile High Prescott, Gold Spring, Arizona College Prep, Bradshaw Mountain, Sinagua, Flagstaff, Chino Youth Group, Northern Arizona Grapplers, Prescott youth group, American Heritage Academy, Knights Wrestling Club, East Valley Club, Tuba City Boarding School, Meyer Wrestling Club. In addition there were 35 Elementary kids between 40 pounds to 100 pounds