Big names to watch


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Who are the overall top 10 big names to watch this season ? ( Name, weight and school please ) :)


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A few names have glitched onto other teams.

Armando Ybarra for mesa? Not the same guy? glitched from highland last year (might be the same guy--not sure).

Chris Lopez from Sunnyside? Glitched from Marana Mt. View.--graduated.

Caleb Milnes, Perry-another glitch. Graduated, I think.


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Off the top of my head--top 10+ to watch are: (not in any particular order)

Joe Misitano, 138, Campo Verde
Sergio Ramos, 132, Casteel
Trent Wickel, 150, Desert Mt.
Diego Chaves, 175, Santa Cruz
Cael Porter, 150, Mogollon
Wyatt Powell, 165, Red Mountain
Bric Jobe, 190, ALA Gilbert North
Colby Ryan, 144, Ray Kellis
Michael Trujillo, 138, Liberty
James Armstrong, 126, Sunnyside
Job Lee, 157, Sunnyside
Rene Fragoso, 190, Sunnyside
Carson Coy, 144, Liberty
Tyler Sauter, 157, Liberty
Brandon Herzog, 150, Cactus Shadows (maybe the toughest weight class this year, at D-2)

I could go on... but brophy has a couple of studs. David Sweetman at 215, Ty Trickle at 132.
Casteel is loaded, with Jackson Rustad at 120, Will Effinger 126, Alejandro Torres, 150, Jacob Done at 165, Brennan Callison at 175, Raychon Cardova at HWT.
Marana Mt View has some hammers too with Daniel Miranda at 132, Gabriel Gomez at 138, and Austin Scott at 150.

Gonna be an interesting season. D 1 is favoring Sunnyside, as usual with Liberty second. Marana Mt. View didn't reload enough to catch Casteel at D2--they're full of seniors this year. Safford lost a lot of point scorers to football injuries, so they may be overtaken by Sahaurita or ALA Gilbert north this year.

I don't follow D4 much so, who knows, but Rank wrestler has Morenci, Mogollon then Yuma Catholic as their top 3 D-IV teams.