First Day of 2018

Discussion in 'Wrestling Talk - HS' started by cougar, Oct 29, 2018.

  1. cougar

    cougar Well-Known Member

    Hope everyone has a great first day of practice today. Good luck on your season!
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  2. chingon76

    chingon76 Well-Known Member

    agreed! May all your wrestlers eat healthy, stay healthy, live healthy, and make good choices on and off the mat. See you all on the mats.

    I just watched this... and whether you love or hate Funky... he really is saying something awesome here

    Happy Wrestling
  3. az_wrestler

    az_wrestler Well-Known Member

    Whats the Rumors? next week is wt certs...who is where and who is going what...was freakshow a preview of wt classes?...Walden grove Lost lopez but gained another great wrestler who took 3rd at freakshow... .let everyone know..we will find out eventually..ha ha
  4. cougar

    cougar Well-Known Member

    Tellez from Cienega took 1st at Freakshow at 132. Beat a Utah State Champ, a NY state champ, and a runner up from Texas
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