Freestyle Tournament at Cienega - April 7th

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    We want to invite anyone and everyone to Cienega High School this Saturday. We are hosting Southern Arizona's AZ-USA wrestling tournament this week. Cienega is in Vail AZ (Southeast Tucson) and is right off the freeway which makes it super convenient. We have great facilities and will have a kick-butt snack bar, put on by Cienega and Vail Wrestling Academy parents. We had a wonderful tournament last year. It would be great to see some different competition, so any Yuma and Phoenix peeps that want to venture down to Vail, you are more than welcome. I am sure everyone would appreciate seeing someone different than they've seen for the last two or three weeks.

    If you have any questions, contact Coach Patterson -
  2. cougar

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    Thank you to everyone who came out and wrestled, coached, or just watched this last Saturday. We had a great turnout with kids from all over the state wrestling. Great job and thanks again

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