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Discussion in 'Tournaments' started by Connorsdad, Oct 2, 2018.

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    We are coming again this year (Faith Lutheran NV) as is Cimarron & Clark from Las Vegas. I know parents from all three schools and I've had several ask me if the tournament is going to be on track wrestling this year. A lot of them cannot make it and would like to be able to follow along. Does anybody know if they have joined the new nillennium and are going to use track this year or not? If not, take heart wrestling fans. I will be posting brackets and significant results for everybody. I can't leave you all hanging. It was horrible last year trying to figure out how we were doing. It is one of, if not THE, most well-run tournaments I've ever been to. But they are doing all of their fans a disservice by not using track, flowrestling, etc.
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    so many people complain about how this tournament is run. Personally, I found that it is crowded, has too many breaks with admission fees, and I hated it wasnt on Trackwrestling. The brackets were posted on paper and hard to see.

    Saving points of PEORIA's tournament:
    • finals are filmed and put on the internet... but I'd love to see the other finals placer matches.
    • It has great competition and wrestling. That is its major saving grace. It also has a great history.
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    I didn't want to sound like all I was doing was bitching but if we're going to be completely honest here goes. When I said well run I mean it starts and stops on time, they have a ton of help to get everything done efficiently, good food & drink, bathrooms clean, and things like that. Nothing they can do about it being crowded. But the biggest elephants in the room are the lack of an internet presence for the tournament and the price they charge the spectators. The fact that they run you out and make you pay twice a day for two days is the biggest money-grab I've ever seen at any tournament. Please don't say that the NCAA does the same thing. Two completely different animals. It wouldn't be so bad if they spent a few hundred dollars to have the tournament up on trackwrestling where everybody could get the results. It amazes me that a tournament in 2018 does not use track or flo and nobody at the tournament could care less about posting the results. Imagine how good it would be if they did. It's so bad I want to say it again. Nobody at the tournament cares whether or not anybody who's not at the tournament can see the results. A piece of paper on the wall is really pathetic considering that they charge people to get in FOUR TIMES in 2 days. It's run on time, has a lot of fanfare and pageantry, the finals are on the internet and it has some good qualities but doing that to the people that show up makes me think of resort fees at hotels here in Vegas. Screwing your customers over. Did I mention they charge you twice a day?

    All kidding aside, if a parent wants to watch their kids wrestle they've got to pay it unless the coaches at the schools band together and start a tournament that weekend that's more fan-friendly. My son's coach has given him the option of going that weekend to the Battle for the Belt but to his credit he wants to go to a tournament with his teammates. If it was up to me he and I would go to Temecula but a big part of wrestling for him is the camaraderie and hanging out with his friends. Enough of the soapbox. Am I off base in my complaints or am I missing something? I have broad shoulders so I can take any criticism but I just am stunned at those two things that they do.
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    One other point that needs to be mentioned is you don't have to have computers at every table to run a tournament with track wrestling. Sure it makes for a better tournament because people can watch the matches on the dashboard and watch the little stick figures but one computer at the head table is all you need. You enter the results in and people can go online and see the brackets and the results instantaneously once they're entered into the program. That way you can slowly add computers to a few tables each year until you're completely functional
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