Toughest Sections Next Year

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    Looking at the realignment and here I think are the toughest and weakest sections that are out there. If you disagree then you're a communist. Just kidding. But seriously.

    Division 2, Section 1:

    Sunnyside, Mountain View, Marana, Ironwood Ridge, and Cienega. Any explanation needed? Whoever wins this should be the #1 seed in Division 2. Empire isn't bad, Cholla seems to have some good individuals, Desert View and Buena are the same as Cholla.

    Division 3, Section 2:

    19 teams you'd better be tough. Among them are Moon Valley, Thunderbird, Marcos de Niza, Mesquite, Tempe, Greenway, Apache Junction, Florence, Poston Butte and Combs.

    Division 4, Section 4:

    The Rez schools are thought of as weak usually, but they have some pretty tough individuals, it seems like they all have at least 1 guy who is a threat to place high at state. Add in St. Johns, Winslow, Page, and Holbrook and that makes it much tougher.

    Division 3, Section 4:

    Traditionally tough teams like Show Low, Snowflake, Payson and a slowly but surely returning to prominence Mingus, along with Payson and Blue Ridge doesn't make this an easy one. Chino Valley and Coconino also have tough wrestlers usually too.


    Division 2, Section 3:

    None of these teams seem particularly strong. Verrado is probably the best of them, but that isn't saying much. They might all have 1 or 2 guys who could be threats, but none of them is really a solid top to bottom team.

    Division 1, Section 1:

    After Chandler it's who else? Almost any of the schools in this section could end up at number 2 behind Chandler. Chandler will not have a problem getting at least a dozen kids to state next year. None of the other teams here have much of a chance at placing in the top ten at state.

    Division 4, Section 1:

    Camp Verde and AZ Lutheran. This might be the year AZ Lutheran has their recruits all eligible to win it all. But besides them and Camp Verde there isn't a team here who poses a credible threat to either of them.

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