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  • Going to work on cleaning up site more often. Been busy - anyone looking to be a mod message me please.
    Wrestling feels boring this season so far. What am I missing ?
    Football went pretty late.

    Some dominant wrestling schools aren't so dominant anymore. (chandler, ironwood ridge, safford, kofa, cibola, boulder creek, etc..)

    Should heat up in January with Mile high, Doc Wright, Page/Sand Devil, Peoria and Flowing wells coming up.
    Sucks we cannot be at the wrestling tournaments guys. Really wishing you an awesome season! COVIDSUCKS
    Good luck to all this season. We won't be able to make it due to COVID19 but have a great season.
    Remember to get access to our FREE telegram channel. See info in the forum.
    Cleaned out the spam. Always report it. Trying to get all spammers locked out.
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    Libert Classic Finals were awesome!!! Liberty is a team to keep a close watch on.
    So many good options of finals to go film this weekend. Not sure yet which one we will be attending. Got any ideas ?
    Any coaches who want an author account to post about your team please contact
    All spam has been cleaned out, thank you for reporting it. CVCOACH is always on top of it and looking out for our wrestling community.
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