New referees needed - Help save Arizona wrestling!


Similar to other High School and youth sports, wrestling is having a hard time attracting and retaining enough referees to meet the demand. You can help by becoming a referee and/or suggesting the idea to someone else familiar with the sport.

Our local association is looking for additional officials to help officiate High School & Jr High matches and tournaments. We provide all of the training and help out with getting uniforms, etc.

You will be compensated for the matches/tournaments you work. Multi-Dual meets during weeknights are typically $135, plus $10 for travel. Tournament fees will vary but can be $200 for a Saturday tournament. A referee can make up to $2,500 during the season depending on their availability. It's also an opportunity to contribute to the great sport of wrestling.

If you have wrestled, coached or been a wrestling parent becoming an official will be an easy transition. Officiating wrestling is also a great part-time job for a college or trade school student.

Registration starts June 1 each year. Fingerprint clearance cards take several days or several weeks to obtain but last for 2 years or 6 years depending on which provider you use. Training starts in October each year.

You can find additional information at: and select the 'Officials' tab and then 'How to become an Official'.
You can also contact us at:,,


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