1. I was there, the problem with the call is nothing changed then he blows the whistle and calls a stalemate and then awards the reversal. Award the reversal and give the kid a chance to scramble out of the position and get his own reversal. It may or may not have been a reversal but it for sure should not have been called in that way. This ref couldn’t get the colors correct to save his life either. Even I know red is on the left hand and green is on the right!

  2. (Coming from a coach who was at this tournament and a former HS official of 21 years)

    There are two questions I have before giving my opinion here…….

    1. Did red still have both hands on the ankle/leg when the referee blew the whistle?

    2. Did the referee confer with his assistant?

    If the answer to #1 is yes, there is NO reversal and no score. If there is only one hand on the leg, the reversal scores. Based on the video, I cannot see either way, but the referee can. If I am the Brillion coach, I would ask the referee question #1. If he says yes, he has misinterpreted the rule (clearly illustrated in the rule book) and should correct his call. If he says no, I would ask him to confer with his assistant. In this video, the Brillion corner sees the same angle the camera does, therefore, they wouldn’t have clearly seen this either, but they do need to ask the right question. I would be interested to see if the Kellis staff has video from their corner. If so, I should be able to clearly see this one way or the other.

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