D2 2019-2020 Individual Rankings

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  1. Coach P

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    Updated to include new weight certifications....please add/comment/edit.


    1 James Armstrong of Sunnyside
    2 Eathon Rider of Millenium
    3 Jackson Rustad of Casteel
    4 Luis Pastoriza of Raymond Kelis
    5 Daniel Miranda of Mountain View Marana
    6 Timothy Valencia of Ironwood


    1 Gavin Gonzales of Ironwood
    2 Victor Lopez of Sunnyside
    3 Ethan Madison of Horizon
    4 Will Effinger of Casteel
    5 Parker Cirone of Horizon
    6 Troy Garrickk of Ironwood Ridge
    HM Conner Wren of Millennium


    1 Troy Ramirez of Sunrise Mountain
    2 James Brown of Sunnyside
    3 Gilbert Rodriguez of Mountain View Marana
    4 Dante Oliverio of Horizon
    5 Jake Dunham of Campo Verde
    6 Rodrigo Saenz Payan of Williams Field


    1 Jesse Ybarra of Sunnyside
    2 Seth Legros of Mountain view Marana
    3 Noah Wasserbeck of Campo Verde
    4 David Chase of Cienega
    5 Xylyx Abele of Casteel


    1 Jaime Rivera of Sunnyside
    2 Cole Hickey of Cienega
    3 Brandon Parades of Mountain View Marana
    4 Markell Rivera of Ironwood
    5 Adrian Parra of Flowing Wells
    6 Joseph Misitano of Campo Verde


    1 Chris Lopez of Mountain View Marana
    2 Tyler Rokop of Ironwood Ridge
    3 Tristan Danis of Willow Canyon
    4 Damian Davies of Barry Goldwater
    5 Seth Cobb of Williams Field


    1 Brent Ward of Ironwood Ridge
    2 Sebastian Robles of Sunnyside
    3 Jason Hill of Cienega
    4 Benny Madrid of Desert Mountain
    5 Jaden Lemos of Casteel
    6 Austin Scott of Mountain View Marana


    1 Carlo Castagnaro of Cienega
    2 Alex Ruffentine of Williams Field
    3 Alex Young of Horizon
    4 Jacob Done of Casteel
    5 Junior Camarillo of Centennial


    1 Andrew Valle of Casteel
    2 Bryson Young of Mountain View Marana
    3 Avery Parker of Ironwood Ridge
    4 Jesse Kovacs of Apollo
    5 Justin Munoz of Cactus Shadows
    6 Brandon Guzman of Higley
    6 Todd Prince of Williams Field


    1 Ty Ryan of Raymond Kellis
    2 Fernando Villaescusa of Sunnyside
    3 Gabe Levy of Cienega
    4 Ognjen Mircic of Barry Goldwater
    5 Julian Gordin of Mt View - Marana
    6 Bric Jobe of Campo Verde


    1 Jayden Fletcher of Campo Verde
    2 Jose Beltran of Ironwood Ridge
    3 Mason Hulme of Higley
    4 Noah Martinez of Sunnyside
    5 Sean Hardy of Willow Canyon
    6 Ryan Allsup of Horizon


    1 Luca Moili of Ironwood Ridge
    2 Atticus Lee of Higley
    3 Garrett Christiansen of Horizon
    4 Jasiel Tapia of Independence
    5 Connor Calloway of Campo Verde
    6 Max D'Elia of Paradise Vally


    1 Brock Locnikar of Notre Dame Prep
    2 Joshua Gale of Williams Field
    3 Rudy Acedo Mountain View - Marana
    4 Cailor Benson of Paradise Valley
    5 Santana Gomez of Ironwood Ridge


    1 George Roeder of Centennial
    2 Rafael Masella of Horizon
    3 Jackson Solomon of Higley
    4 Edgardo Reyes of Barry Goldwater
    5 Spencer Roy of Notre Dame Prep
    6 Harvey Gonzales of Sunnyside
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  2. cougar

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    I heard Seth Legros is no longer wrestling for the team even though I believe he is still at Mountain View. Isaiah Webb, 220 from Cienega, beat Acedo at state last year and was one round away from placing.
  3. az_wrestler

    az_wrestler Well-Known Member

    gilbert Rodriguez is the rumor to be transferred in. was/is there a hazing incident involving Seth?
  4. Tbone46

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  5. cougar

    cougar Well-Known Member

    No idea. Some of my kids just said Legros was only interested in wrestling in national level tournaments
  6. Bighead

    Bighead Member

    Why post some vague question/accusation like that? No there was no hazing incident at MVHS.
    Also Seth wrestled with the team all summer.
  7. Coach P

    Coach P Well-Known Member

    Anyone heard of any weight changes?Assuming many will go up...
  8. Coach P

    Coach P Well-Known Member

    Any upcoming freshman to add?
  9. cougar

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    Tragically, Mario Lopez from Buena, 220, passed away over the summer. He was a great kid and it was a huge loss to the wrestling community in not just Sierra Vista, but Arizona. I know he was friends with alot of my guys and seemed like a really good kid.

    Also, I did see Legros wrestle for MV all summer long as well. I didn't mean to make an accusation, just what I heard from some of my guys that wrestle at Cyclones with him. Thought it may make a difference in regards to predictions.
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  10. Coach P

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    Wow....so sad about Mario Lopez of Buena. My heart goes out to the family and the community down there.
  11. Tbone46

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    Cougar, don't think you need to apologize it was not you who asked that question. It was az_wrestler who posed that question.
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  12. acestallion

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    I thought Anthony Garcia was a Senior last year, can anyone confirm?
  13. JB Doubles

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    Coach P - Thanks for the Template I feel a lot of these returning kids will not be at last years weight classes and most likely will be wrestling the next weight up. just my opinion, but nevertheless great start.
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  14. Coach P

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    Yup...need all your input to update. Somebody knows something. I will update as soon as the real discussion starts...lol.
  15. Damian Davies

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  16. JB Doubles

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    I would look out for Jackson Rustad (Casteel) Freshman at 106 lbs. he will make some noise.
  17. npwc-az

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    For Horizon:
    120 - Parker Cirone
    126 - Dante Oliverio (in 18-19 beat Jake Dunham 7-2 and lost to Carson Coy 4-3 before season-ending injury)
    152 - Alex Young
    182 - Ryan Alsup
    195 - Garrett Christiansen
    220 - Raf Masella

    Also, highly recommend rankwrestlers for all the stat guys out there; they extract all the info from track wrestling and have some neat metrics (see attached...boy Liberty is loaded lol)

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  18. Coach P

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  19. npwc-az

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    5 Roman Provenzano of Barry Goldwater is now at Liberty High, D1

    Thanks for your efforts Coach P!
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  20. Damian Davies

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    so is marquise croley at 152

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