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    let me know if people are definitely moving weights etc. This ranking list is just based off of last years state comp.

    2018-2019 grade levels are noted
    also: I did try to note new additions to DIII from d2 and dIV etc. If I left anyone out or there is head to head win/loss please let me know and I will add the info to this first post.

    1. Pedro Billups (Coconino) 11 2nd state
    2. Mario Bugarin (Yuma) 10 3rd state
    3. Coy Owens (Snowflake)12 4th state
    4. Chris Lopez (Walden Grove) 10 5th state
    5. Tanner Fellows (Show Low) 11 6th state
    people to watch for:
    Berna, Micah Canyon Del Oro 10
    Gonzales, Gavin Marcos De Niza 10
    JOLLY, GABRIEL Casa Grande 10
    Kinnebrew, Thomas Safford 12
    Mallery, Zane Shadow Mountain 10
    McDougal, Shawn Combs 11
    Thompson, Tanner Dysart 12

    1. Jordan Austin (Lake Havasu) 12 2nd state
    2. Crew Perkins (Snowflake) 11 2nd state
    3. Damian Hosokawa (Mesquite)11 5th in state
    4. Delson Gonzalez (Buckeye) 12 6th state
    people to watch for:
    Howard, Tony Sahuarita 10
    Long, Nic Show Low 12
    Martinez, Zach Marcos De Niza 12
    Mudd, Kavyn Apache Junction 12
    Sepulveda, Oscar Peoria 12
    Taylor, Robbie Chinle 10

    1. Diego Guerrero (Walden Grove) 12 1st state
    2. Earle Parra (Lake Havasu) 12 2nd state
    3. Damond Lujan (Pueblo) 12 2nd state
    4. Conner Schweigert (Show Low) 11 3rd state
    5. Malik Shuaibe-Jones (Marcos De Niza) 12 4th state
    6. Colton Tomitz (Prescott) 11 5th state
    watch out for:
    Ivan Matherson 11 (desert edge)

    BUSCH, JORDAN Casa Grande 12
    Kelly, Osiris Moon Valley 11
    Matherson, Ivan Buckeye 11
    Payne, Wade Chino Valley 12
    Ramos, Michael Mohave 11
    Robles, Sebastian Sal Pointe 10
    Rodriguez, Armondo Florence 12
    Vega, O`Connir Peoria 11

    1. Hunter Bateman (Show Low) 11. 3rd state
    2. Abraham Rivera (buckeye) 11. 5th place
    3. Cody Jasper (Chino Valley) 11 6th state

    watch out for:
    Cabrera, Rafael Marcos De Niza 12
    Calvin, Reece Shadow Mountain 11
    Comer, Mason Canyon Del Oro 11
    Darling, Connor Thunderbird 11
    Eby, Lincoln Prescott 10
    Howard, Gabriel Sahuarita 11
    Stegmeier, Zachary Moon Valley 12
    Tahbo, Dylan Mohave 12

    1. McKade Finch (Safford) 12 1st state
    2. Corbin Nelson (Combs) 12 2nd state
    3. Leo Velazquez (Yuma) 12 3rd state
    4. Carlos Ramos (Walden Grove) 12 4th state
    5. Ely Keeney (Payson) 11 6th state
    watch out for:
    konrad cuthberson (cactus),
    Kris Ciccarelli (desert edge)
    Aguilar, Kristopher Estrella Fh 11
    Cordero, Remigio Peoria 11
    Cuthbertson, Konrad Cactus 12
    Martinez, Ronaldo Florence 12
    Navarrette, Jacob Marcos De Niza 11
    Skinner, Easten Flagstaff 12
    Trejo, Trey Canyon Del Oro 12

    1. JC Mortensen (Chino Valley)12 5th state
    2. Rene Garcia (Canyon Del Oro) 11 6th state
    watch out for:

    Kenosky, Dalton Combs 12
    Laborin, Jacob Dysart 12
    Miner, Eddie American Leadership Qc 12
    Robles, Federico Sal Pointe 12
    Strange, Dane Shadow Mountain 11

    1. Evan Killgore (Walden Grove) 12 2nd state
    2. Zane McKissick (Canyon Del Oro) 12 3rd state
    3. Sergio Romero (Rio Rico) 12 6th state
    watch out for:
    Kody Ball 12 (desert edge)
    Burca, David Buckeye 11
    Cervantes, Erick Yuma 10
    Keith, Aiden Sal Pointe 12
    Long, Carter Show Low 10
    Lund, Kyle Chino Valley 12
    Montesinos, Alan Thunderbird 11
    Wayman, Jimmy Lee Williams 11

    1. Dawon Andrews (Safford) 12 1st state
    2. Aidan Irwin (Yuma) 12 2nd state
    3. Koby Coates (Prescott) 11 5th state
    4. Jeffery Cordova (Florence) 12 6th state
    people to watch for:
    Reyes, Matthew Thunderbird 11
    Swick, Nicholas Mohave 12

    1. Robert White (Safford) 11 2nd state
    2. Keller Rock (Chino Valley) 11 3rd state
    3. Roper Howard (Show Low) 12 4th state
    4. Marcos Gamez (Walden Grove) 11 5th state
    5. Rob Samsoe (Lake Havasu) 12 6th state
    people to watch for:
    Barnes, Davion Cortez 12
    Campos, Servando Yuma 11
    Hindley, Charles Pueblo 12

    1. Jacob Sanchez (Yuma) 11 3rd state
    2. Lewis Everett (Mesquite) 11 6th state
    watch out for:
    Avelar, Ricardo Walden Grove 11
    Orlando, Mark Shadow Mountain 11
    Uchytil, Caleb Snowflake 12

    no listed wresters at this weight that are ranked and/ or not graduated
    watch out for:
    Korben Shuler 11 (desert edge)
    Gibson, Demian Walden Grove 12
    Leinen, Tucker Sahuarita 12
    Moreno, Raul Sal Pointe 12
    Nunez, Carlos Yuma 12

    1. Justin White (Snowflake) 12 5th state
    2. Brexton Thomas (Sahuaro) 11 5th state
    3. Jackson Edwards (Walden Grove) 12 6th state
    4. Taylor Deibert (Gila Ridge)11 6th state
    people to watch for:
    Omar Ibanez (Pueblo)

    1. Wyatt Powe (Estrella Fh) 12 4th state
    2. Adam Alvarenga (Walden Grove) 12 5th state
    3. Shane Garcia (Yuma) 12 6th state
    watch out for:
    Cates, Trae Dysart 12
    Griffin, Ryan Mingus Union 11
    Johnson, Josh Show Low 12
    Montiel, Damian Douglas 12

    1. David Leasau (Dysart) 12 4th state
    2. Josiah Winans (Greenway)12 6th state
    watch out for:
    Button, Seamus Walden Grove 12
    Fordyce, Cayden Coconino 12
    Pinkerton, Cooper Moon Valley 12
    Oshaye, Elijah Marcos De Niza 12

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  2. chingon76

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    its looks like Walden Grove will be the favorite
    followed by yuma who is followed by safford, showlow, and snowflake (alphabetically listed :)
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    I think Cactus konrad cuthberson should be ranked 2x state qualfier 126 and 132
  4. David Shuler

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    1) With new Head Coach Rafael Perez, Desert Edge is going to make a splash in D3 this year and shouldn't be overlooked. Expect to see Desert Edge names in the rankings later in the season.

    They have a returning qualifier Korben Shuler 182, 11th. Korben took 2nd in AZ Cadet Freestyle 195, 3rd in Cadet Greco, and 4th in Cadet Regional Greco.

    They also picked up state qualifier Ivan Matherson 120, 11 from Buckeye in the off-season. Ivan took 2nd in AZ Freestyle, 1st in Greco.

    Expect Kody Ball 145/152 to be a top state placer in which ever weight he is at, he was injured just before sectionals last year. In 2017 was routinely placed in the top at tournaments. In 2016 he placed 6th at 138.

    Lookout for Kris Ciccarelli will be tough at 132, took 2nd in AZ Greco and placed 1st at the MWP tourney in Phoenix a couple of weeks ago.

    There are also 3-4 other wrestlers that should qualify for state if healthy.

    2) Gabe Gallegos from Desert Edge is out this year. He tore ligaments in his knee during freestyle in the spring and transferred back to Millennium.

    3)Abraham Rivera is at Buckeye now, but same section/division.
  5. chingon76

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    I went ahead and mentioned your notes on particular affected weight classes. Keep up info coming everyone! Furthermore, I mentioned all wrestlers that made it to the state championships last year (all that didn't graduate). This was wrestlers with WINNING RECORDS only. As we see where these athletes fall into the weight categories / weight certifications... please post and I will adjust the original post accordingly.
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    We are new to the area, I am wondering if there is any site where I can find this years Walden Grove schedule?
  7. David Shuler

    David Shuler New Member

    A lot of schedules are still being finalized. Best bet is to call to the school to be sure.
  8. Tbone46

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    www.azpreps365.com has their current schedule.
  9. Coachdoerr

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    113 Gerber from Gila Ridge has moved out of state
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  10. chingon76

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    Keep up the changes you'd like to see or that you recommend. I will update the 1st post as new info comes in.
  11. arizonalove

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    195 lbs Omar Ibanez from Pueblo, strong record last year with a 2nd at Regionals. had a tough draw at state and didn't place.
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  12. PiNkY1nr

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  13. chingon76

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    did you have an addition to add? I only see that you quoted the initial post.
  14. PiNkY1nr

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    Yes. I think you should add Cooper Pinkerton to the watch list for heavy. MoonValley high.
  15. chingon76

    chingon76 Active Member

    do you have a grade for him?
  16. PiNkY1nr

    PiNkY1nr New Member

    12 he was 19-2 last year trading off with Malik Clarke he took 6th at 220 as a sophomore

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