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    I think we would need to do this by decade or something...at least for the "old timers" among us :) Here are a few names to throw out there that you may/may not remember, mostly from the 1980s:

    Willie Paul Maxwell (Eloy) - 4x
    Sammy Chagolla (Peoria) - 4x
    Ernie Molina (Peoria) - 4x
    Shawn Charles (Santa Rita) - 3x
    Paul Salazar (St. Johns) - 4x
    Don (JR) Frye (Buena) - at least 2x
    Thom Ortiz (SS) - 3x I think

    Not too sure where all of these would fit in weight-wise, but the first 4 are lighter weights and the last three middle to heavier. I can't remember what weight Salazar was at because there were two of them :) I would put Frye up against anyone in his day - fun to watch. Rene Nunez from SS was also a bada$$ - still remember how he throttled that 2x undefeated kid from Vegas in the finals at FW in the old gym!

    The sport has changed so much and despite what some of my generation think (like my brother!), Arizona wrestling, as a whole, has vastly improved from 30 years ago (IMHO), thanks to great coaching and dedicated wrestlers and parents.

    This list is cool and what I like about it is that it gives recognition and respect to those wrestlers who have helped improve the sport in our state. Thanks for starting it BDBlue - good stuff.
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    I think Simmons would beat Mommer. Mommer is a very good wrestler but Simmons was just a much better all around athlete. Simmons didn't wrestle in college because he took a scholarship offer to play running back or linebacker at San Diego State. Though interesting enough, the kind of guys who would give Simmons issues were taller wrestlers with long arms.

    Gutierrez was a guy I thought of, and Swift too, but Gutierrez never really wrestled a lot in the offseason that I remember, and even though he came from a very good program at Morenci, he never wrestled the big school kids. No offense to Swift but he would have been mauled by guys like Frost, Hardt and Linsacum. I think the difference between Hovis and Hardt is that Hovis was a great wrestler and as good as anyone, Hardt just wrestled to take your head off. It is worth pointing out Frost beat him pretty handily in a dual though. But I'll take a superior athlete in an upper weight though.
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    Although I'm from Nevada I follow high school wrestling more than I follow any other sport. I completely agree with number four. Undefeated and never leaving town doesn't get you a spot on an all-time list in my opinion. Before somebody has a heart attack I did not say that somebody who's been mentioned here never left town I'm just saying a what-if. Being relatively new to this area what about the Liberty kid at 195 Miles Neussle (sp)?

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